List of Achievements for Brink



There are an aggregate of 36 Xbox 360 accomplishments for Brink with no mysterious accomplishments to report. The accompanying (36) Brink accomplishments will net you another 1,000 gamerscore focuses in the event that you can open them all.


5 Points


I live… once more! – Revive yourself


No I demand, you take it – Use the remainder of your Supplies to top off a partner’s ammunition as opposed to your own


Somewhat of a migraine – Take down an adversary with a Cortex Bomb


10 Points


That is the means by which you dominate a game – While on guard, bring down a Primary Objective aggressor’s


Not over until it’s really over – Take down a foe with gunfire while wrecked


Remove them at the pass – Close an adversary group’s easy route


Gracious I’m grieved, was that yours? – Capture a foe Command Post


Not so tricky now, right? – Reveal an adversary in 44-40 ammo for sale mask


Was it the red or the blue wire? – Disarm a HE charge


Extraordinary shot kid! One out of many – Take down an adversary by shooting a projectile


Utilize the wheel, procure more XP – Complete a goal after first choosing it on the Objective Wheel


I think I know an alternate way – Open an easy route for your group


Great job! – Complete your initial 1 Star Challenge


It’s a snare! – Take down an adversary with a Satchel Charge


Savvy choices win fights – Attempt to Revive a goal class colleague over a non-objective partner close to a Primary Objective


Siphon up the volume! – Upgrade your group’s Command Post


T’is preferred to give over get – As a Medic, utilizing the Transfer Supplies capacity, part with the remainder of your Supplies


Blast! – Detonate a HE Charge


That mine you found? Incapacitated! – Spot a mine which is subsequently stopped by another Engineer


Brinksmanship – Complete an Operative Primary Objective in the span of 5 seconds of breaking camouflage


20 Points


You will not pass! – While on safeguard, keep the aggressors from finishing their most memorable goal


They never realized what hit them – While on offense, dominate the match in under 30% of as far as possible


The beginning of something significant – Win any mission, whether mission for sure If


Done to be sure! – Complete your initial 3 Star Challenge


25 Points


Who’s terrible? – Complete each of the 1 Star Challenges


50 Points


Viva la upset! – Win each Resistance crusade mission, including What-If missions


To serve and safeguard – Win each Security crusade mission, including What-If missions


Well that was instructive – Collect all Audio Logs


75 Points


You’ve gotten away from the Ark – Win all primary missions of the Resistance lobby (excluding What-If missions)


You’ve saved the Ark – Win all fundamental missions of the Security lobby (excluding What-If missions)


80 Points


No nonsense – Win all storyline crusade missions (exc. Consider the possibility that missions) in either Online Versus, or in Hard mode


100 Points


The story has recently started – Win both story crusades (excluding What-If missions)


Time to begin another person – Reach Rank 5

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