7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Follow These and You Will Achieve Your Financial Goals

 7 Steps to Financial Freedom – Follow These and You Will Achieve Your Financial Goals


Step 1 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom:
Set Goals

People fail in life because they don’t know exactly what they want to do, have or be with their life. They might say that they want to make a lot of money or would like to live in a 5 steps to financial freedom   big fancy house etc, but the truth is they don’t really know what they want. These are just day dreams they’re not definite goals. The first thing you need to do is grab a pen and paper and write down what you truly desire. Dream Big – What would you have or do if money or time were no object? List down every detail and include all your senses for example it’s no good to say “I would like a new car” – What type of car? What colour? What does the leather smell like? How does the engine sound when you start it? How does it feel to drive the car? Only when you involve all your senses does a dream become a burning desire!

Why do you need to make a list of goals? Simple: If you don’t know where you are going, how do you know when you have arrived? How can you strive for something if you don’t know for what?

Step 2 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom:
Learn how to make money

Learn about the different methods and different strategies there are to make money. There are proven methods that you can use to achieve your financial goal. Methods to make money:

Method Number 1: The first method that just about everybody thinks of is A JOB. 95% of all people use this strategy yet they only accumulate 3% of the wealth.

Method Number 2: Invest your money and put it to work for you. All wealthy people own shares and property. Do you? Do what the wealthy people do and educate yourself on different investment vehicles. Become self educated in investing and do it yourself!

Method Number 3: Multiple streams of income. Leverage your time and money through other people. Only 5%of the population use this strategy effectively yet they make over 95% of the total income!! This is the most profitable method once you learn how to leverage your efforts and the efforts of other people once you understand this method you are able to leverage time and money, generate passive income, and all with minimal effort.

Step 3 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom:



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