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How to Create Complex Shapes With Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder Effects – Esther Nariyoshi

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Mastering the tool is important as it lets you create complex shapes very easily. In this guide, we will go over the basics of the tool to help you pick up skills that you can use to create precise shapes and paths in your illustrations and speed up your workflow. To access the Pathfinder Tool, you can head to the Window dropdown menu and find the Pathfinder tool.

We can make use of the top row of buttons to make paths using the tool. You can either make both paths and compound paths using the tool.

If you want to make compound shapes, you can choose from the buttons in the rows located in the tool while pressing Alt or Options key. From the menu displayed below, choose the shapes you want to use. If you want to use your overlapping objects to create new shapes, the Pathfinder tool lets you do that.

You can make use of the Pathfinder Panel or the Effects menu to get access to all the effects. The effects available from the Effect Menu can only be applied to layers, text objects or groups. Once you apply an effect, you will still be able to select your original objects and edit them.

You can also make use of the Appearance panel to remove or modify any effect you want. Skip to main content. Start your free trial. Learning Adobe Illustrator CC by. Video description In this Adobe Illustrator CC training course, expert author Andy Anderson takes you through the the many tools and techniques that are available to you in this vector graphics software from Adobe.

Show and hide more. Publisher resources Download Example Code. Table of contents Product information. Here we discuss how to access the Pathfinder panel and how to combine objects using the Pathfinder tool in illustrator. You can also go through our other related articles to learn more —.

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Adobe Illustrator tutorials: 41 lessons to boost your skills | Creative Bloq


Previously, we have covered How to create simple shapes and visually create new shapes using the handy dandy Shape Builder tool. We will kick it up a notch and create custom shapes using primarily the Pathfinder Effects. This tutorial is primarily drawn from my Skillshare class, Illustrator Nuggets for Surface Designers. You can grab a free seat using this link. There are two rows of options that live in the Pathfinder Panel. We will go over the options one by one. The options from the first row are shape modes.

And the options in the second row are pathfinder effects. I find it unhelpful to spend efforts distinguishing the two. Our time will be best spent on associating the icons with visual results. So that’s what we will do next. Select two or more objects to which you want to apply the effect. They can be individual or group s of shapes and objects. This option joins all the adobe illustrator cc pathfinder tutorial free download objects together. If the objects have different fill colors and other graphic attributes, the final shape takes on the visual style of the frontmost object.

This option works like a cookie-cutter. With both shapes selected, click “Minus Front,” The bottom shape should now have a cutout of the top shape. Sometimes the situation is a bit more complex than the example above. The Intersect option is pretty straightforward because it produces the intersect shape areas between two shapes.

In other words, you will have the overlapped area as a result. And it will take on the graphic style color, fill, gradient, etc. You can consider this option the opposite of the Intersect because it combines all the shapes except the overlapped areas. And it works with two or more objects. The option looks at the overlapping objects and divides them into the most sub-areas based on the selected shapes. Unlike previous options, where you see the visual result immediately, this divide option doesn’t show any visible difference initially.

To make it even more confusing, it also groups all the sub-areas into one group, so if you were to move them around using the selection tool Vthey all travel together. Ok, now we have officially reached a point where words don’t make sense anymore.

It is when an animated GIF is worth a thousand words. So, excuse the brevity of the paragraph and watch how the Trim option works in action below. Same as above, I will let the GIF do the heavy-lifting of explaining. By the way, if you’d like a quick download of all the GIFs covered in this post as a handy dandy cheat sheet, here is your link.

This is one of my favorite and the most used option on this panel. But read on because I don’t use it right out of the box. I have a separate post in the near future that explains all the different ways to crop inside Adobe Illustrator.

But long story short, the adobe illustrator cc pathfinder tutorial free download practical use case for this option is to trim off the excess anchor points after applying a clipping mask again, read the post for deets. Crop avid media composer 8.9.4 action with a clipping mask applied. This option divides an object into its component line segments or edges.

According to Adobe, “this command is adobe illustrator cc pathfinder tutorial free download for preparing artwork that needs a trap for overprinting objects. See Create a trap. If your curiosity leads you, I will refer you to the more detailed tutorial on Trapping by Adobe. This one functions similarly to the Minus Front option we covered a minute ago, except the top object is the “dough” of the cookie, and any shapes below are the “cutters. A compound shape is a temporary shape that is ссылка на подробности from selected objects.

It is a live shape, which means that you can still move the original objects around without committing to a final result.

You can create a compound shape using any shape modes first row from the Pathfinder Panel. To create обсуждать nordvpn for windows 10 сайт compound shape, you can hold your Option key on Mac or Alt key on Windows when clicking on the shape modes.

The outlines of the original objects are still visible upon hover, which you can adjust their position by using the Direct Selection Tool A.

You are in luck, I have made a lesson just for that! Adobe Illustrator is such a comprehensive tool, and it adobe illustrator cc pathfinder tutorial free download me years to become proficient. I could save you some time and frustration by offering you a variety of tutorials and classes. Happy creating! I hope you now understand how to use the Shape Builder Tool because, seriously, it’s somebody you want to hang out with a lot when using Illustrator.

If you are the video tutorial kind of person, I have a few places to recommend. Join the Skillshare community with this one-month-for-free link. For starters. Esther also shares her design process on Youtube.

At the time of writing, two full seasons are available to help you get started in Adobe Illustrator. Newsletter subscribers get dibs on pretty much everything: free seats for my Skillshare classes, new tutorials, updates, products, current projects, you name it. Esther is a licensed Illustrator and designer, a Top Teacher on Skillshare. She shares her creative process using some of the most industry-leading programs like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate on iPad.

Click here for her regular portfolio. This post walks you through the basics of Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder Effects so that you can build complex vector shapes with the basics ones. Table of Contents. Pathfinder Panel.

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Adobe Illustrator tutorials: 71 lessons to boost your skills | Creative Bloq.Learning Adobe Illustrator CC [Video]

In this tutorial I am to going to introduce you to the Adobe Illustrator interface. Watch video. Overview. Download the project folder here. Online video. This post walks you through the basics of Adobe Illustrator Pathfinder Effects so that you can build complex vector shapes.


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