Breaking the Flea Life Cycle – The Best Methods to Reduce Fleas in the House  

 Breaking the Flea Life Cycle – The Best Methods to Reduce Fleas in the House


Generally there are several things you have to do if you need to control fleas in the house permanently. While it is relatively basic to destroy flea eggs, larvae and adults, th  pupae are encased inside a protective shell and are actually very not easy to kill.

The only method to stop an infestation is to try to break the life cycle and for that reason treating the presence during the entire life cycle. We describe three techniques below to answer your flea problem:

  1. Lower the temperature in your home as much as you can.
    2. Vacuum two or three times a day.
    3. Daily Washing of bedding and upholstery

Every time you take actions 1-3 above, you are killing the eggs, larvae and adult fleas plus leaving the pupae unaffected. If you decide to do this each day for a month, however, you inevitably will be capable to break the fleas in the house life cycle given the fleas shall be exterminated upon maturing as adults devoid of the time to lay eggs.

Keeping Fleas Away for Good

When you’ve broken the life cycle and wiped out the fleas in the house, there are a few things you’re able to do to make sure that they really do not revisit. We outline the “key three” below.

  1. Sprinkle your lawn with diatomaceous earth to continue to keep the out-of-doors population down. Be sure that your pet is also shielded from potential infestation.



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