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Fish size unlimited! Sphere and Silverlite poles use a shared mandrel so all parts and accessories listed can be used on both ranges. Xitan topkits can also be used on these poles. All parts are made to the same high quality as the poles they were designed for.

Pre-bushed topkits as supplied in the pole packages, including the Sphere Multikit for larger elastics and fish. Short and full length universal C sections for all poles in range.

Pre-fitted with standard screw fitting to suit Browning and some other brand cups. Xitan Pole Protectors Purpose designed short butt sections. Pole Protectors are reversible and fit every middle section. Built-in skid bungs protect sections from chipping and cracking. Also give useful pole length options. These Pole Protectors are fully compatible with previous Xitan poles like the Z9. Silverlite and Sphere topkits can also be used on these poles.

Flat sides make holding a pole very easy and comfortable. Top quality kits as supplied with our Advance pole range. Puller bush and std versions with drilling bands. Special PTFE internal bush allows tip size to be chosen. Available in 2 lengths with 3 tip diameters. All have drilling bands. Low cost, short and full length, power C sections for all poles. Power C is light so does not unbalance the pole.

Useful when some extra strength is required. Allows topkits from some other leading pole brands to be used on all Browning poles. Takes topkits with an 18mm joint size. Length 22 cm. Code Model Xitan 17 m Extender Section 1.

The return of a true legend amongst poles! Many are still giving excellent service – but are getting a little old! The new pole is made on the same mandrel as the originals, using the same carbon quality and manufacturing standards. Slim, stiff and excellent value, the Black Magic Carp will give years of reliable service. Big carp, big tench, big barbel … no problem! Strong enough for any size of pole elastic and any size of fish.

The large diameter tip eliminates or minimises the need to cut the pole back so no lost length. Strength, quality and value in the Black Magic tradition! The Pit Bull II is pre-fitted with the latest solid pole elastic which can be used with lines from 4 to 10lb to tame even big fish like carp. Makes fishing quick and easy for beginners or experienced anglers. Argon A new range of shorter poles that are suitable for all styles of fishing. Slim, very strong and easy to use, the Argon poles are perfect for anglers who do not want or need a longer pole.

All have hollow tips so fitting elastics is easy and quick, with no cutting needed. A reliable pole for all purposes. Any size of fish and any size of elastic — the Mauler will handle it! The Mauler has a parallel middle section which can be added or removed to allow the handle section, which has slip-proof EVA grips, to be used at 2 different lengths. The tip section has a big diameter and needs no cutting back for the strongest elastics on the market.

Argon Tele Incredible telescopic pole at an amazing low price. An ace up your sleeve when it comes to catching small fish quickly near the bank. The rod allows even larger fish to be tamed with ease during a fight. The lengths of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 m cover all requirements in long-range fishing. Can be used both in rapid currents with heavy float weights and on canals, where striking quickly is of the essence.

We believe that these are the most advanced match style fishing rods available. Sphere Spliced-Tip River Specialist match float rods from the Sphere range developed specifically for river fishing. Both rods feature a 50cm solid carbon tip carefully spliced into the top section. This creates the ultra-fast and stiff action needed to pick up line and connect with bites in flowing water, but with the soft and forgiving tip needed for fine lines and small hooks.

Like all Sphere rods, we use the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rod has been has been carefully engineered to be as perfect as possible. Sphere Match The Sphere Match rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available.

Every aspect of the rods has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible. They feature special ultra low friction SIC guides — the best and lightest available. The rods have classic medium-through actions, however the carbon quality and blank design allows these rod to be used for a wide range of float fishing styles – from casting big wagglers on lakes, to fishing small floats at close range.

Sections C. Sphere Feeder Quiver Tip Code Length 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm 60,00 cm.

Testcurve 0,50 oz 0,75 oz 1,00 oz 1,50 oz 1,00 oz 1,50 oz 2,00 oz 3,00 oz 4,00 oz 5,00 oz 0,75 oz 0,50 oz. Sphere Braid Special A specialist feeder rod from the Sphere range developed specifically for fishing with braid or pre-stretched lines. Supplied with 4 carbon tips to suit the action and purpose of the rod. Sphere Feeder The Sphere Feeder rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available.

The ultimate feeder rods. The superb quality of the SPHERE blanks has allowed us to produce a small range of rods to cover a wide range of feeder fishing situations. The carbon quality of the blank adds meters to a cast and improves casting accuracy by minimising sideways flex when the rod under load.

However, the blanks are responsive enough to safely play soft mouthed fish like skimmers without fear of hook-pulls. Supplied with 4 tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability when casting. Sphere Bomb The Sphere bomb rod, like all rods in the Sphere range, has been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rod has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible.

A soft actioned rod optimised for fishing at ranges to 30m with bomb, or light method and conventional feeders. The top-quality blank is soft enough to be safely used with light lines and small hooks, but has reserves of power in the butt section to tame bigger and hard fighting fish when necessary. Supplied with 4 glass tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability to withstand the demands of carp fishing. Competitions are often decided by the fish that were not lost. Ultra-soft in the fight yet with sufficient power to control fish perfectly.

And light yet extremely robust. As light as a match rod, as powerful as a feeder rod — this rod series combines all of the positive characteristics of variety of rod models. The ultra-light Alps Rapid MVT carbon reel holder uses state of the art technology while the precise vibration transfer from the blank enables optimal reaction speed.

The reel is held securely in two places via two screw threads. The rod sits perfectly in the hand and enables effortless, fatiguefree fishing for several hours.

The tips have a diameter of just 2. The extremely robust blank is slender, light and offers the angler an incredible parabolic action! Jens considers it the most versatile rod in our range.

Whether fishing with the lightest feeders for bream and roach with ultra-soft tips, using heavy feeders for hybrids in Ireland or Method fishing on commercial waters — this rod will not let you down! With its cushioning action, the World Champion Feeder can also be used with braided line throughout. The perfect rod for casting distances up to 50 m and casting weights up to 50 g! Available in lengths of 3. With the specified casting weight of 80g you can easily catapult out fully filled 60g cage feeders.

A fast rod for small and big fish over medium casting distances. Casting distances up to 60 m. In this rod length we offer two different actions. The g rod is suitable for casting distances up to 90m and offers a sensitive, soft action in the last third of the rod. The ideal rod for small to large bream. The g version is an absolute workhorse with large reserves. Experts know that 3. Casting distances up to 90 m. Black Viper III The g action is the perfect long-cast rod on stillwaters, or for river fishing in medium currents.

It shows its advantages especially in strong river currents. The extra length makes it possible to lift most of the line out of the water. This allows you to reduce your cage feeder weight. It says it all when our team angler Kai Chaluppa fishes this rod on the Rhine for barble, using cage feeder weights of over g. Casting distances up to m.

The g action is the perfect long-cast rod on stillwaters, or for river fishing in medium currents. The g rod also masters strong currents and heavier casting weights without any problems. Hyperdrome Feeder The Hyperdrome Feeder is the ultimate rod for anglers who like to land one personal best after another. The rod allows you to be the conductor and call the tune, providing sufficient backbone for you to direct even the largest specimens straight to your landing net.

The semi-parabolic action skilfully prevents unwanted pull-outs. Despite its power, the Hyperdrome Feeder has an extremely slender blank. Special features include the extra-long solid carbon tips, which are absolutely unbreakable, and the Fuji rings throughout, allowing you to cast to promising hotspots with completely confidence and accuracy. The rod sets itself apart with highly sensitive fibreglass tips that guarantee reliable bite detection yet has sufficient backbone to handle big carp above the 10 kg mark with effortless ease.

At the same time, the rod has a highly harmonious action that makes hook pull-outs almost impossible. Never has there been such a high quality Method rod at such an affordable price! Argon Feeder Argon Stillwater Feeder rods are available in two lengths 3.

With their harmonious yet very rapid action, they are perfectly suited to feeder fishing on lakes and canals. The equipment of the Argon feeder rods leaves nothing to be desired. SIC rings and a high-quality reel holder come as standard, as do cork and Duplon handles optimised for the rods.

Argon Feeder The 5 models in the Argon River Feeder series offer the ideal rod for every situation on rivers, whether fishing for roach on smaller rivers or targeting barbel in rapid currents. With the Argon River Feeder, you are always well prepared. The Argon River LD rod allows even the heaviest swimfeeders to be punched out reliably over long distances while the reliable blank offers sufficient reserves to tame even large barbel with effortless ease.

Argon Quiver Tip Code Our Commercial King range of rods quickly became market leaders. Superseded by a new Carp King range which incorporate the very latest advances in carbon and rod fittings, but with the same ultra slim blanks, perfect actions and super quality. The best just got even better! These short rods tame fish quickly but are feather light, making constant casting techniques easy and fatigue free.

The short sections also make it easy to carry. The high quality, ultra slim, blanks feature short handles specially shaped for comfort and speed, plus a snag-free hook keeper tube. Everything is held in place without the need for rod bands or sleeves. As the main rod has no joints the action is absolutely perfect. Unbeatable casting accuracy and speed for fishing at distance to around 20m.

Fitted with special ultra low friction line guides, special contoured handle, snag-free hook keeper and supplied with 2 tips. The short length dramatically improves casting accuracy and lands fish incredibly quickly.

They feature ultra slim blanks with forgiving through actions, but with the power needed for big catches. A multi-purpose rod that can be used for just about anything — bomb or feeder, winter or big summer catches. Powerful enough for carp, but forgiving enough for skimmers, light lines and small hooks. A slim blank with perfect action and super quality. Also a good choice if generally targeting larger sized carp. The perfect multi-purpose rod for pellet waggler and all other styles of carp float fishing.

Fitted with quality line guides a special contoured handle and a snag-free hook keeper. The new high-modulus carbon blanks are incredibly slim, but also tough and durable to give many years reliable service. The range includes float, feeder and bomb rods.

The short length also tames fish much quicker. The Picker is easy to carry and unbeatable for fishing a shorter ranges. Supplied with 2 extra tips. The CFX Bomb rod is a adaptable rod suitable for bomb, method or conventional feeder fishing. The fully parabolic action provides the power needed to land hard fighting fish, but is still soft enough to minimise hook pulls.

The CFX Method rod has been specially designed to provide some extra power for casting heavily loaded method feeders. There are 3 rods with range of casting weights to cover conventional stillwater and river fishing for bream and other quality fish. All rods are supplied with 2 extra tips. We keep spares for all current and many discontinued poles for at least 5 years. We operate a helpline poles zebco-europe.

Lightweight, compact housing and long, long-cast spools are all features of the perfect feeder reel. The wormshaft oscillation system enables high-precision line distribution on the large spool core, ensuring a high line retrieval rate. The 2 line clips included on this ultra-modern feeder reel are a must for angling with pinpoint accuracy.

Browning have a lot of expertise in producing specialist tackle purpose designed for the long-distance feeder fishing which is common in mainland Europe. The Black Viper MK FD is an example of a specialist reel packed with features specifically for medium to long-range feeder fishing. Sophisticated wormshaft gears have been used to ensure effortless retrieve and perfect line lay – particularly important for long-distance casting and when using braided lines.

This is further enhanced by the large, wide and shallow spool design which can be perfectly filled without resorting to lots of backing.

In summary, a purpose designed product that will out-perform conventional reels for this style of fishing. Sphere MgTi Fantastic match and feeder reel series with ultra-light magnesium body! The rotor is reinforced with carbon fibre, the titanium axle is indestructible and the line guide has been coated with titanium for durability and optimal line protection.

This series offers the right size reel for every application in modern coarse angling. Feeder fishing at meters distance? Unthinkable some years ago, now a standard distance for many pros. It is possible that in the future beef and milk exports from producing countries is subject to bans if cattle systems do not comply with measures to reduce GHG.

There are several alternatives available and being researched to reduce enteric CH4 emissions from cattle that range from manipulating diet composition, supplementing feed additives i. Results show that inhibition of enteric CH4 emission is possible through the use of ionophores, organic acids and oils. The use of ionophores can result in resistance of rumen microbes and as a result the effect is short term.

The high cost of organic acids makes it unlikely that there direct supplementation in ruminant diets is economically viable. However, organic acids are present at relatively high concentrations in the leaf tissue of plants and attempts should be made to select and breed forages with higher levels of these compounds. It is argued that a more efficient strategy to reduce enteric CH4 in ruminants is through selection of grasses of high quality i. Posted On February 02, by Josephkiz.

Posted On February 02, by Brucedug. Your Name Your Email. Your Comment. Chris Burg Apr 14, Never. End of. Tim Renwick Apr 14, I like the Dees by the way but they did get stuck in to us when we were struggling their supporters. Jamie Porter Apr 14, Well it’s like this Brian. Julian Holsman Apr 14, You love the Crows. Dash Laver Apr 14, Fitzroy and South Melbourne supporters so far are the only ones that have had to make a choice as their team was removed from them.

Benj Cox Apr 14, Yes, and wear my Fitzroy jumper to every game. Robert Morrissey Apr 14, Tony White titus says john is in the clear. Tim Renwick Apr 14, Cannot believe how hard it is to convince my 10 year old boy to support the lions as he hasn’t gone through what I’ve gone through in my life and as an old Fitzroy boy he cannot comprehend why I barrack for an “interstate” side. Jayden Knott Apr 14, Harrison Knott, you should have read this before you changed teams.

So funny. Sucker for punishment. Cath Wallace Apr 14, And im pretty sure if Dons fans can stick by their club through that whole saga other fans can handle losing a few games. Todd Sutton Apr 14, It was pear pressure Uf Paige Lee Apr 14, I like Titus.

Lance Cameron Apr 14, No that line Uf Michael Oldis Apr 14, I followed University when I was minus 80 but when my real life started I followed a team that has won as much silverware in my lifetime as University, if we’re not counting that famous preseason cup victory ;-.

Jamie Coombs Apr 14, The truth is those people that watched Adelaide games prior to 96 were never really crows supporters, they just wanted to watch footy. Thomas Clarke Apr 14, Tom Riordan great resd.

Jake Travis Apr 14, Hey! Titus wrote it, not me. I’ll remind you of that next time you’re on a Hawks recruitment drive. Will Devlin Apr 14, Feel your pain Andy. I was also a Roys supporter but now a long suffering demon Jordan Wilson Apr 14, Thomas Clarke great read. Thomas Clarke Apr 14, Jordan Wilson great resd.

Thomas Clarke Apr 14, I actually loved it, especially the first reason. Rachel Kelly Apr 14, Haha i liked the “well just leave your partner, it’s really that simple” line Uf and then if your peers influence u that’s even worse. Mark Jenkins Apr 14, As one of the blokes who started the Demon Alternative your comments sum up why we did it.

Phil Martin Apr 14, No. Brad Green Apr 14, My brother switched Carlton in the 90s. What a flog! Your friends will understand. Ruth Santos Apr 14, U are lucky u all support the same team.. Robert Turner Apr 14, Cats piss yellow Malcolm Makkinga Apr 14, Fitzroy supporters should embrace what Brisbane has done.

Uf44dUf44dUf3fe HawthornAlways. Andy Horrill Apr 14, Steve Mayne you might find this interesting. Robert Peluso Apr 14, Joshua as a crows supporter, I challenge you to a contest of intelligence. Ruth Santos Apr 14, hahaha.. Ur luck will run out.. Or an insane discovery that the Hawks are the next saga!!

Alex Butler Apr 14, I grew up, never really supporting at all but cos most of my family supported West coast I always kept an eye on them. Adam Busby Apr 14, I thought about South but erred on the side that they just moved whereas Fitzroy were absorbed..

Robert Peluso Apr 14, Oh wait, your Facebook page says you studied at the ‘school of life’. Chris Coleman Apr 14, More to the point when they appoint him after you’ve told them you won’t be a member as long as he’s there and they respond with an email promising “exciting times” that never eventuate Nath Sharp Apr 14, Paul Lenartowicz did this.

Scum Dave Hodges Craig Abbott. Tahirih Twyford Apr 14, Either way we’ve won 4 cups in 8 years and for that I’m very lucky! David Evans Apr 14, Coodabeens say ok but not after age Ruth Santos Apr 14, yes, we both have teams that have won heaps of premierships..

Nath Sharp Apr 14, Paul changed and Bob changed after. Alex Butler Apr 14, It’s called the Tassie factor Must be taken into consideration on all decisions. Tahirih Twyford Apr 14, Essendon and Carlton won some of theirs when there were far less clubs only 8 teams in the league , so not a fair comparison. Phil Martin Apr 14, You guys got milk delivered to your house huh?

Rodney Simpson Apr 14, It’s never ok Andrew Lynn Apr 14, Brian Emmitt Kate Seery Apr 14, Have I committed a cardinal sin? Layne Hall Matt Evans. I know.. Family reasons UfUf Layne Hall Apr 14, I have been telling you for a long time that it’s messed up. Kate Seery Apr 14, Essendon are messed up. Anthony Frost Apr 14, You need to tag Donk in here too?

Justin Lemmon Apr 14, Beruke Yeaman weak as piss. Armani Louise Apr 14, Eliza Heath do ittt. David Perkins Apr 14, Essendon won’t win another premiership while the oceans remain salty with the tears of their fans. Andrew Lynn Apr 14, He spat on you??? Nathan Jones Apr 14, Whoever plays hawthorn, correct. Andrew Lynn Apr 14, You were 9 years old and 2 people have liked this.

Hahaha Ronnie Sparks. Matt Thomas Apr 14, Mick Maloney this is a good article, weren’t you originally a Bulldogs supporter? Tom Riordan Apr 14, I like his stuff but he doesn’t proofread it there’s always too many spelling and grammatical errors.

David Perkins Apr 14, Essendon fans claiming past premierships that were won by players who have been dead longer than most of us have been alive is like claiming you’re awesome because Igor Sikorsky invented the helicopter and his surname begins with the same letter as your own. Zak Hutchinson Apr 14, It’s never a bad time if u get on the bandwagon. Matthew Shannon Apr 14, Once the lions fold you blokes will be in the clear. Shelley Mortimer Apr 14, Didn’t have to cry myself to sleep after so..

LWM Apr 14, I’ll give a pass if you’re a woman who starts dating a player. Stephanie Dalmau Apr 14, Kyle Dalmau. Tazza Humey Apr 14, But it appears most didn’t! Peter Suchecki Apr 14, Q. Greg McIntosh Apr 14, What are these ‘other sports’ of which this person speaks? Joel Sharp Apr 14, Jesse Strauch see!! Brad Caplan. Kyle Dalmau Apr 14, Know anyone who changed teams? Nick Davis Apr 14, Very good. Ben Stone Apr 14, Emoji’s are cheap, loyalty isn’t. Borissimo Apr 14, It’s a life sentence Rodney Simpson Apr 14, Ian Donnachy this is u Eamon Mannix Apr 14, Daniel Haysom hey look there’s someone worse off then me.

Jack Levey Apr 14, Could not agree more – especially about the hawks fans. Redmond Dobson Apr 14, No. No it’s not Tom L White. Pat Hatch Apr 14, Who is it this year? Western Bulldogs? Ollie Purton-Smith Apr 14, Swans this week because they are on top, will have to re assess after the round.

Nathan Jones Apr 14, For 5 yr olds maybe Hannah Jackson Apr 14, I never changed I just added one. Roney Alex Apr 14, Anita Weaverwack this is classic!

Mathew Mills Apr 14, What if you’re a Melbourne supporting radio shock jock who gets invited into the Carlton coaches box?

James R Coventry Apr 14, There is nothing permanent except change. Ben Stone Apr 14, Took you a while to google that one.

Luke Van Meel Apr 14, Platty’s best friend maybe Chris Shine Apr 14, Lol. Daniel Coppola Adam Benich. Michael Robertson Apr 14, Chloe Mitchell don’t bandwagon. Matt Aidan Apr 14, Gotta be the great club of all time the Darwin dingos. Alexander Watling Apr 14, Joshua Lynn does he mean it’s wrong to change more than twice per quarter?

Richard Lawley Apr 14, Yeah but when you support a team from overseas in a different competition that you will never go and watch that’s different to supporting and loving your local team. Richard Lawley Apr 14, Or it just gives you a chip on the shoulder Sharon Louise Smith Apr 14, Scott, blah blah blah Not read it Off to bed x.

Ruth Santos Apr 14, Haha.. Phil Poursanidis Apr 14, What about if you grow up barracking for one team but you get drafted to play for another? Remember we’re the greatest team of all. Teresa Glenn Apr 14, You can’t switch teams Chloe Mitchell Apr 14, Do what I want.

Barbara Griffiths Apr 14, Dear Dad. Justin Hampton Apr 14, Bart is quite Lets hope both teams get a wriggle on this year! Phil Clark Apr 14, No, especially Port, shameful. Di Kelly Apr 14, Definitely not ok! Loyalty is the word. George Gaylard Apr 14, Hope you’re more loyal in the armed forces Jill Cummins Apr 14, Anytime you want to, why not!

Christopher W-Dorn Apr 14, There’s nothing wrong with having soft spots for teams that are doing well and have exciting players, but how difficult is it to pick 1 team and stick with them??

James Mitchell Apr 14, Id love to follow the hawks but there’s a 5 month waiting list pending premiership results. Peter Valle Apr 14, Ricky Thomas culprit. Massimo Tocci Apr 14, Old South Melbourne and Fitzroy supporters are the only ones that have the option of staying in this state, switching codes or following the team interstate. DavidPerkins1 Apr 14, Hawthorn fans are among the long suffering. Mitch Tahoose Apr 14, Vincent James looking at you both. Ty Webb Apr 14, Sheepy maybe you should raise this with Adam?

Shane Sheepy Robinson Apr 14, I wish it was. Jim Allen Apr 14, Agreed – a very character building process. Carn the dogs! David Perkins Apr 14, More premierships but most earned before hawthorn were in the comp.

Got a much better deal sticking with my team anyway. Mick Doherty Apr 14, He blocked me mate. Not even friends anymore on FB. He got to precious. Shaun Bartlett Apr 14, 23 years a Swan I’m not changing. Steve Townsend Apr 14, “Supporting a bad team is character building. Kirsten Kent Apr 14, What you meeaannn. Bill Oliver Apr 14, Fitzroy supporter now Brisbane supporter. Matt Congdon Apr 14, Who blocked you, Mick? Adam Chaplin Apr 14, It’s ok to change if you used to follow Carlton. Tim Nooteboom Apr 14, Maintain plenty of space on the tiger train mate.

Tom L White Apr 14, Nothing wrong with a backflip so long as you land in the right place mate. Jeanette McCulloch Apr 14, Even if you have a child or sibling who is recruited to an opposition team, you should still remain loyal to your own team. Mick Doherty Apr 14, Leesy. He got upset. Anne Williams Apr 14, Nah! Melinda Cain Apr 14, Scott Cain – for a raspberry it’s ok, yeah? Matt Hill Apr 14, Errrr Take note please!

Trees Corkish Apr 14, I’ve got three game memberships for each this year. Trees Corkish Apr 14, But to be fair, the Swans did abandon Western Sydney as an area and continue to disparage us so I’ve gotta feel some sort of pride for the place that I’ve lived all my life! Brad Fishwick Apr 14, It’s never okay to switch sides,even if u want out of Collingwood but that’s just because no other club wants u. Trees Corkish Apr 14, I thought it was an appropriate name, since it is the phonetic pronunciation of my full name Terese.

Trees Corkish Apr 14, Dad doesn’t swap teams, his issue is that he’s been a Geelong supporter his whole life, so when he came to live in Sydney, he took me to Sydney games because that was the only option without environmentally destructive travel! Trees Corkish Apr 14, And they have been my team for a long long time, but it’s hard to support a team when they abandon you and your area for a stupidly designed stadium with no decent public transport to pander to the eastern suburbs snobs!

Then I read they once had a merger with St Kilda. Jase Gabriel Mark Riddell. Glen Buller Apr 14, Spot on Bill. Jack Cranstoun Apr 14, Jack Vernon good read. Titus know how to put one word in front of another. Gareth Davies Apr 14, That sounds like a great sydney cats rivalry right there! Jack Vernon Apr 14, Not bad at all. Greg Belleville Apr 14, Be honest it’s the song that sealed the deal. Jonny Lontayao Apr 14, Will – facts of football. Timothy Lees Apr 14, Multiple warnings Matt Crowe Apr 14, I used to think know.

Joshua Mosey Apr 14, Robert Peluso how to pick a fleece, class it into its correct category. How’s that. Brodie Fraser-Glen Apr 14, I think this is the 1st. I feel like I was born a giant stuck inside a magpie body. Jack Glen Apr 14, It’s an absolute joke how people change teams!! Brodie Fraser-Glen Daniel Glen. Brodie Fraser-Glen Apr 14, Didn’t you use to support essendon. Noni Primrose Apr 14, I couldn’t. Brodie Fraser-Glen Apr 14, Pretty sure you did. Josh Mifsud Apr 14, I’m glad you saw this to that is exactly what went through my head when I read this yesterday.

Lockie Bender Apr 14, Nah haven’t changed godoggies. Juliet Austin Apr 14, Alas young Michael Leon it doesn’t count if you stop watching either code in general! I love the last one about Fitzroy. Scott Cain Apr 14, Lol yes soft drink is the accepted reason for changing Uf Trevor Rowe Apr 14, Jam it Jackson. Alex O’Keeffe Apr 14, Dylan – he missed “when you don’t legitimately support ‘your team’ in the first place”.

Dylan Gomer Apr 14, Haha you flog Russell Waters Apr 14, Shouldn’t this apply to players too? Sophie Galer Apr 14, I am incredibly jealous of your good fortune. Sophie Galer Apr 14, Andy, back of M3 at half time. Let us buy you a beer Uf37a.

Ellina Anne Armstrong Apr 14, This is pure gold! Absolutely hilarious UfUf Sean Abela Apr 14, I wasn’t 14 muppet. I was about 9. The rods from the Green Arrow series have a large power reserve, which allows you to cast with great precision at long distances.

The same power will give you the necessary advantage when fighting big fish. Green Arrow offers great value for money! Series of rods dedicated not only for beginners, but also for more advanced anglers.

Method Feeder model designed for carp fishing in commercial ponds. It is characterized by a powerful, strong butt cap and a middle action, which gives you the certainty of hauling during the fight with carp. The rod is flexible and has very good casting characteristics. It is distinguished by high reliability and durability. Comes with two 1. Holiday Feeder. Add to cart Mondial F. Add to cart Gift card gift voucher gift idea for a Bolw. Add to cart Dragon 1X19 Surfstrand leader 3 kg, 30 cm, 2 pcs.

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IMPACT Feeder / rods Konger Sklep wędkarski


Carbomaxx Team Feeder. A series of rods aimed at enthusiasts of ground fishing with a vibrating tip. The rod’s power, appropriately synchronized with its action, enables distant and accurate casts with a bait basket and a comfortable haul of big fish. The series includes poles with different parameters – adapting to the conditions on the fishing ground has never been so easy. Impact Feeder rods are characterized by unprecedented lightness in relation to strength parameters.

The superb blank casts heavy sets almost on its own, and the sensitive tips show even the most delicate nibbles.

The rods are distinguished by their fast action, high quality construction and modern finish. If you go fishing on shallow bodies of standing water to fish with a light bait basket set, then this rod is perfect for you. This rod allows you to precisely locate the lure even under tree overhangs or in a pond among the vegetation. The shorter rod is recommended for more bushy shores, the longer one when you need to cross a coastal strip of vegetation. Grandis Feeder. Grandis Heavy Feeder.

A wide range of rods for the DS method, specially prepared to fish according to the conditions. The cross-sectional spectrum of lengths and casting weights allows you to choose the perfect solution for the circumstances of fishing.

They will perform excellently both in lake fishing and in river fishing for stillwaters. With this rod no specimen will give you trouble, and hauling will become child’s play. An indispensable addition to your fishing basket, very easy to use. The rod is designed for fishing with bait baskets Technical specifications:. Arcus Feeder. These rods are designed specifically for fans of the vibrating tip. The series includes eight models of rods combining sensitivity and durability.

Interchangeable tips with different deflection lines come as standard, allowing you to adjust the set to the conditions encountered in the fishery. The action of the g model is the perfect rod for long casts in still water or for medium current river fishing.

We are talking about over m here! Black Viper is synonymous with maximum performance and indestructibility.

The third generation of our popular feeder rods promise improvements in all areas. The action of the rod has been further optimized: amazing power reserve in the lower part, harmonious action in the last – third, carbon tips of the highest quality and clearly visible even in bad weather. The perfect long casting rod, especially for anglers who want to get even more out of their rods.

A series of rods addressed to the enthusiasts of ground fishing with a vibrating tip. You can read more about cookies in our Privacy Policy. Select all. Necessary for the website to function. These files are necessary for our website to function so they can’t be switched off. These files allow you to use other functions of the website other than those necessary for its functioning. Enabling these files will give you access to the full functionality of the website. These files allow us to analyze our online store, which may contribute to its better functioning and adaptation to the needs of our Users.

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Fishing armchairs Carp beds Camp beds Fishing chairs Fishing tents Fishing umbrellas Fishing seats and platforms Stands – competition baskets Appetizer. Catfish accessories Spinning accessories Pole accessories Trolling accessories Rod accessories Carp accessories Ice accessories Key chains – clips Weights Armaments and reinforcements Ladders – flip flops Fishing bells Fishfinders – inflatable boats – engines Inflatable Gel batteries Boat and inflatable boat engines Accessories for boats and inflatable boats Fishfinder bait rods.

Jig heads Hooks and trebles to removed Method leaders. Float containers Live bait containers Fly boxes Fishing boxes Livestock orchards Fishing boxes Fishing tubes Buckets and feeding bowls. Fluorocarbon Carp lines. You are here: » Fishing shop Bolw. Availability: out of stock.

Add to cart You gain points [? Only available to registered customers. Rating: 5. Vendor: Browning. Product code: Browning Argon Feeder River 3. With Argon River feeders you are always well prepared. The Argon River LD even allows long casts with the heaviest bait baskets. The solid blank has enough power to stop big barbel with ease. The solid blank has enough power to easily stop large barbel. The equipment of the Argon feeder is also on a high level.

The reels have SIC guides and a high quality spinning handle as well as cork and Duplon handles. Related products. Add to cart.

Aquos Ultra-D Feeder rod g 3. Matrix Aquos Ultra-D Feeder rod 90g 3. Product reviews 0. Mondial F. Karabrasem g. Fluorescent green 4mm 2pcs Marlin. Gift card gift voucher gift idea for a Bolw. Peat earth Grek 1,5kg. Mount Argile clay black 2kg. Manns Q-Paddler Hot Shad 8g 12cm. Anti-tangle tube LUX curved Jaxon 12 cm. Roach dry mineral Grki 1kg. Mikado fishunter 5cm hoofed ripper. Jaxon sinker Drop Shot.

Mountaineering clay binding standard 2kg. Rotaugen g. Epiceine g. Coco Belge g. Groundbait Lorpio Feeder Mix Heavy 2kg. Browning Feeder Method Leader with elastic band no Black Devil g. Lorpio Magnetic Bream River 2kg. Bait Dragon Magnum Feeder 2,5 kg. Jaxon Rectangular basket River – 80g Jaxon.

Sensas Club Gros Gardons groundbait 1kg. Clay Granka club mix lake 1,5kg. Roasted Hemp g. Special offer. PRO 3. New products. Lorpio Hook Baits Sinking 10 Coconut 1 1 1. Lorpio Hook Baits Sinking 10 Coconut 1 1. Lorpio Hook Baits Sinking 10 Coconut 1.


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Dash Laver would swap the 3 flags back to have Fitzroy back in the AFL!,browning argon r feeder 3,windows 7 iso ultimate 64 bit download free download,, browning argon r feeder 3 free. Fully section compatible with Silverlite poles top 3 section compatible with The 3 m (10′) Argon Method Feeder is the perfect rod for the highly popular.


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