Cyber Security – 4 Things to Do to Improve Computer Cyber Security and Prevent Cyber Crime Attacks

Cyber Security – 4 Things to Do to Improve Computer Cyber Security and Prevent Cyber Crime Attacks


In this article, you will learn to avoid all the silly mistakes most computer owners make and expose their computers and personal information open to cyber attacks. You’ll also discover why is it important to change you computercyber r passwords frequently and have up-to-date firewall and antivirus program.

Emails- the best and most simple rule to protect your computer from email cyber attacks is: if you don’t know the sender, be very careful and never open any file attached to it. Sometimes even your friends may send you phishing emails against unwittingly because their computer has been attacked and the email is forwarded to you without their approval.

Very simple but effective protection is “When in Doubt- Delete”. Your friend will understand.

Common signs include phishing hyperlinks and messages that urge you to open the attached file.

Passwords- passwords are just like door key and they are used to protect our virtual belongings stored on our computer. They should be very difficult to duplicate or steal by cyber criminals, just like door key that we always store in secure location.

Very important and effective rule to keep our passwords safe is: Never share your password with anyone, use different passwords for different for different places and constantly change your passwords.

Here are some proven effective rules to make passwords:

  1. Passwords should not make much logical sense and have minimum of 8 characters- this will make it hard to guess.
  2. Use types of characters allowed- lower case, upper case, numbers, symbols, special, etc.
  3. Change your passwords frequently, the more frequent the better.
  4. Under no circumstance give out your password to anybody.

In addition to the above cyber attack prevention tasks, for full computer protection it is very important to have good Firewall and maintain up-to-date antivirus program.

Firewalls- they protect your computer form the outside cyber world by filtering potentially dangerous data to enter your computer. They stop unauthorised data, usually form internet or emails, while data from trusted sources is allowed in.

Up-to-date antivirus software- good antivirus software is “must have” for all computers. Antivirus software is like immunization to humans, it prevents malicious software of entering and potentially damaging your computer.


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