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Days of war pc game free download. Days Of War Free Download Full PC Game

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Days of war pc game free download

Therefore, everyone, who is looking for shooting simulator set in the times of war, will be disappointed. That, however, was misleading at best.


Days of War: Definitive Edition on Steam.Days of War PC Download – Install Games


Days of War harkens back to simpler times, where infantry combat was gritty and personal, and teamwork was required to turn the tides of battle.

Players can choose to play as the Americans or the Germans with up to 32 others. The Russian and British forces will be added as free expansion in the near future. Like in true WW2 warfare, combat in Days of War is brutal, unforgiving and requires extensive teamwork.

In this competitive FPS, players need to fall back on their marksmanship, skill, map awareness and tactical cunning. Maps are inspired by historical WW2 settings. Players can fight on the beaches at Omaha as part of the D-Day invasion push inland in the Normandy themed maps Carentan and Thunder, or battle for the Colmar Pocket in the snowy village of Kaysersberg.

Doesn’t take minutes to run into combat and then get killed immediately. Tags: first person shooter military war WWII. Home » Action » Days of War. Action Multiplayer Shooting. Download PC Games October 5, The game was solely designed for multiplayer purposes, where up to 32 players can be part of team battles. The game modes available in the game are quite varied. We receive here classic Team Deathmatch, dominion, where we have to capture the flag, as well as the game mode, where our job is to attack or defend target.

Sounds fun? It really is! What else can be said about the production? Well, as for the gameplay itself, the game put greater emphasis on quick, dynamic fights. Therefore, everyone, who is looking for shooting simulator set in the times of war, will be disappointed. Nonetheless, others should enjoy it for as long as they desire. In the title we can choose one of several character classes. They vary in the scope of arsenal, abilities, and statistics. Days of War PC Download gives you full access to the game, so if you want to try out the production on your computer and have fun with your friends, this is the way you can do that!

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