Everything You Need to Know About a Vinyl Fence

Everything You Need to Know About a Vinyl Fence


Today’s fence industry has advanced far beyond a simple wooden privacy fence or a plain chain link fence to secure your yard. When vinyl exploded into the industry, it fence builders near me  brought a whole new level of beauty, value and privacy to your property.

Though wood and chain link fences are not obsolete, vinyl fencing is the definite way to go for 2014 and beyond. A new vinyl fence will add the privacy of a wood fence along with the security of a chain link fence, however, will also add a great amount of beauty, class and value to your property, all for nearly the same price!


Vinyl fences have become greatly known for their wide variety of styles, easy to clean material and low maintenance upkeep. Different from wood and chain link, Vinyl profiles can be cut and shaped to just about any size that you may desire. This allows for you to select a style and design that will be the perfect match for your home and property. There are also many different colors which are digitally integrated into the extrusion process which means the time and money that you would have spent painting/staining your wood fence will instead be spent on vacation, a weekend getaway or that special something that you have been waiting to buy!

The lifetime of a vinyl fence will far exceed your expectations and concerns. You will have your vinyl fence installed only ONE time and enjoy its beauty for a lifetime! It will not rot like wood or rust like chain link which means that there will be no need to ever replace it. (unless your child’s first driving experience does not go so well).


Cleaning is easy and requires very little effort. You can simply get a bucket of soapy water along with a rag and begin cleaning. You may also purchase special vinyl cleaning solutions at your local hardware store and use it to clean your vinyl fence. To insure maximum beauty, you should clean every 3-6 months or whenever cleaning is needed.


There may be many fence companies in your area that are specialized in vinyl installation. It is best to go with one of these companies when having your new vinyl fence installed. Most of these companies are certified and specialized in vinyl fencing and will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as, guarantee that your new fence is installed correct and professionally. You may research these companies by checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and making sure that they are a member of the American Fence Association (AFA).

To search for a certified company in your area, you may try searching for the following keywords/phrases in your preferred search engine:

-vinyl fence company in “state/city”

-fence company in “state/city”


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