How to Figure Out Your Bra Size  

 How to Figure Out Your Bra Size


For no apparent reason, finding out your bra size has always been some huge mystery. Now, why is that? Finding your true bra size needs to be simple for any and every woman bra size calculator

. It is an essential key to looking good in your clothing and lingerie! While there is no idiot proof system, I will give you some expert pointers so you can make your sexy lingerie purchase with confidence and know that whatever you buy will fit you like a glove.

Your bra size is determined by both a band size and a cup size, and the result is the bra size. There are multiple ways to measure both bountiful elements. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to come up with an accurate size.

First, measure your band size. This is done by using two different measurements. So find a tape measure and measure around your upper chest, right under your armpits and above your breasts. If the result is an odd number, round up to the next even number. Now, what you should also do is measure your ribcage just below your breasts to get your band size.

Next, you need to measure the all important cup size – as what fills the cups seizes a man’s attention. To start with, measure around your chest from the center of your nipple , your “bust”, and then subtract this number from the band measurement. The resulting number dictates the size of your cup. Be sure to round up any fraction. The actual value of the difference is your cup size, such a 1 inch difference is an A cup, a 2 inch difference is a B cup, a 3 inch difference is a C cup, a 4 inch difference is a D cup, a 5 inch difference is a DD cup.

Now there is an alternative way of measuring your cup size; a technique that was pioneered and developed by Ed Pechter, M.D., the author of “The Right Bra Measurement System.” You measure across the fullest part of your breast [across the nipple], beginning at the inside crease going to the outside breast crease. Then you take that measurement and apply the right bra system cup size calculator which breaks out to 7 inches for an A cup, 8 inches for a B cup, 9 inches for a C cup, 10 inches for a D cup, 11 inches for a DD cup, and 12 inches for a DDD (E) cup.

Remember no system is foolproof for measuring your breasts and due to the fact that too tight bands are uncomfortable, please do what the



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