How to Fix a Marriage in Trouble – Plan of Action

How to Fix a Marriage in Trouble – Plan of Action



How to fix a marriage in trouble? Are you asking this question to yourself day in and day out? Do you want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start and what  to do? Well you are not alone in your grief. Statistics shows that more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce these days in US and partially due to fact that many couples are too inert to do something about it. It is possible to save a marriage which has hit the rocks, but it will require an action on your behalf. As we all know so well, problems do not solve themselves. Fact that you are reading this article shows me that you have determination – you have made the first step. Many people don’t even get this far. Here are some simple, but proven steps which will help you to start repairing you damaged marriage and get things back on track.

Take a long look at yourself.

Hold on a minute. I am not saying that all problems lies within you and you are cause of all the troubles, but let’s be honest here, sorely there is something you could do better. Maybe it is lack of attention to your partner, maybe you are too selfish and often forget about your spouse’s needs? Whatever it is, it needs to change. Talk to your partner, find out what worries him/her and concentrate on eliminating these, not so attractive, characteristics of yours.

Be ready to change.

So many of us think that there is nothing wrong with them and it is their partner who needs to change. Well let me tell you, in most cases it is not right. It is so easy to go into routine of blaming your partner for everything, to stagnate in your ways and not seeing what you are doing wrong. And doing nothing is wrong as well. You need to be ready to face your weaknesses and change them once and for all.

Listen to your partner.


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