How Useful Is a Fertility Predictor?

 How Useful Is a Fertility Predictor?


A fertility predictor is really an ovulation predictor. It can tell you the time of the month that you are most fertile, but it cannot take into account all of the other issues that fertility tarot reading impact on your general fertility.

Assuming that there are not other issues affecting your fertility, your fertility (ovulation) predictor will enable you to know when you are most fertile. Charting your fertility enables you to predict the date of your ovulation each month. Timing lovemaking to coincide with your most fertile time will increase your chance of falling pregnant sooner.

Charting your fertility is more important today than it has been in previous generations because we are now trying to fall pregnant at a much older age than women were twenty or more years ago. Failure to plan the pregnancy today will most likely mean that it will take several more menstrual cycles more to get pregnant than it used to take in previous generations.

Conceiving Sooner by Fertility Charting

Simply stated, fertility is the ability to conceive. Ovulation is the releasing of the egg from the ovary. This, of course, is the moment in time that a woman is able to conceive. A woman is able to conceive for just a few days during each menstrual cycle. These are the days immediately prior to and during ovulation. An unfertilized egg will survive for just 12 to 24 hours. This means that the timing of lovemaking is crucial. It is often referred to as “the trick” of successful conception. For many couples, particularly older ones, random lovemaking will not often result in a successful conception. They need to chart the female’s fertility to identify the fertility peak each month.

To identify this peak you need a fertility chart, a thermometer, and a keen knowledge of your own natural fertility indicators. Fertility monitors or ovulation testing kits also aid in pinpointing the days of month you are most likely to conceive. Let’s look at the details involved in fertility charting and help you get started today!

Your basal temperature is the fundamental basis of your fertility chart. Basal temperature charting enables you to determine the exact day you ovulate. By taking temperature readings each morning you can determine your ovulation day each month. At the time of ovulation, your body produces the hormone progesterone. This heats your body to provide a warm, fertile environ for a developing baby. Monitoring basal temperature daily will enable you to the temperature increase around the center day of your cycle. This rise in your basal temperature signals that ovulation has taken place. This information enables you to effectively time your sexual activity, significantly increasing the likelihood of you conceiving.



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