Icing on the Cake – Lingerie Accessories – Part 6 – Bridal Garter Belts

 Icing on the Cake – Lingerie Accessories – Part 6 – Bridal Garter Belts


With impending nuptials, what is more fun for a bride than dressing up for the big day? Part of the fun is wearing clothes that you’ve only dreamed about or that you secretly gateaux basque

know are under your gown. A luxuriously sultry, sweet, or sassy garter belt can make you feel sexy and put a little twinkle in your eye as you walk down the isle or dance all night.

There are many garter belts (or “suspender belts” as they’re known in Europe) to choose with four or six clasps and prices ranging from around $15 to over $300. Only you knows what works best for you. Lingeristas who have worn six clasps garters for a while tend to find them awkward at first, but end up liking them best based upon comfort and the added ability to hold stockings in place.

A garter priced around $15 is more affordable, but more expensive belts will have additional embellishments and supple material. If you order online, be sure to read the comments that previous users have left about the product, they can be an invaluable source of advice since you are unable to see the product in person.

Garter belts are recommended for A-Line, Empire Waists, Babydoll, Basque Waist, Natural Waist and Princess gowns. Be cautious about wearing a garter belt with Sheath, Biased-Cut, Trumpet, and Mermaid gowns. You may be able to get away with a garter on some of those styles if the garter lacks embellishment, the material is virtually seamless, or where lace doesn’t pucker from the garter. To get a better idea on the type of gowns above, lo  and click on their gown section so that you can see wedding dress styles.

It’s your day. Dress how you want and in what makes you feel good about yourself. If having a garter belt makes you feel fabulous than go for it! It may just be something that you want to incorporate in your everyday life after the wedding. Rest assured your future husband will enjoy that too!



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