JavaScript Alert – Every Web Master Running JavaScript Should Know This

 JavaScript Alert – Every Web Master Running JavaScript Should Know This


Each website admin running JavaScript ought to know about the HTML level tag



Many sites these days are running Javascript to have extravagant drop down menus. Assuming the surfer has Javascript switched off, those menus can vanish altogether, leaving the surfer with the conviction that he has Webmaster toulouse coincidentally found an incomplete site that just has a landing page and no different pages. A site that has rich substance and many pages might appear to have just one page! I’ve witnessed it. The surfer will most likely be confused with respect to what has happened and will hit the back bolt on his program and will go somewhere else to get the data/item.

The definitive site reports a 11% pace of surfers that are perusing with Javascript switched off in January 2005. In light of infection alarms, and the exhortation of organizations like Microsoft, that rate is expanding. In the event that the greater part of your site ‘vanishes’ for 11% of the programs that heap your landing page, doesn’t that convert into a harsh deficiency of 11% of your business deals?


Luckily there are a few extremely straightforward things you can do to cure what is going on. The HTML level tag



is enacted when a program with Javascript switched off visits the page. Anything HTML code you put between those labels will seem when Javascript is switched off and will not show anything when it is turned on.

On account of Javascript drop down menus, the most straightforward fix you can do is to go to the spot in your HTML source code where the Javascript drop down menus would show and add this code:


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