Kids Could Find Fitness in Simple Playground Games

 Kids Could Find Fitness in Simple Playground Games


With the growing interest in social networking sites, more and more kids these days are less involved in physical activities. They rather stay indoors than exposing themselves to various healthy outdoor activities. A sedentary lifestyle is very common in today’s youth, making prone to such diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Parents are very 안전놀이터 concern about their kid’s outlook towards fitness; they know their child’s health is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Social networking sites or the internet in general, is not the only reason on kid’s inactive lifestyle. Video games are one of the cited reasons regarding a kid sedentary lifestyle. Spending long hours of time playing video games could definitely make a kid’s interest in other activities diminished. What are the possible ways a parent should do in order to make their kid’s lifestyle back on the right track? Simple ball games could be the answer which most kids these days take for granted.

Dodge that ball and play dodge ball

Dodge ball is a simple and popular game that has been around for quite a long time now. The equipments needed to play dodge is just a ball and a safe playground to execute the game. The number of players required to play the game may vary. The rule in dodge ball is very simple, in order to eliminate an opponent, the other player must hit other players with the ball, while avoiding the opposition’s offensive. Dodge ball could be a good bonding tool for parents and their kids; they could play this game anytime in their back yard.

Let us play tetherball

The game of tether ball was developed in North America, popularized during the late 70’s. The equipments for this game consist of a metal pole, ball, and a string or a rope. Both the ball and metal pole are attached to the rope or string. A player must serve the ball enabling the game to start. The rule is simple, the first player that commits a mistake losses the game.

Look for the square ball

Square ball aka box ball aka four squares is a game that requires a minimum four players per game. Square ball is quite a popular playground game worldwide; in fact, tournaments are being set up for those who greatly love the game. The rules might vary depending on the area. This popular playground game doesn’t require much equipments, all you need is ball and a place to play.



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