Park Lane Hotel in London

Park Lane Hotel in London


The Park Lane is a 5-star hotel in London. It has 127 rooms and located in Mayfair area. It is situated on famous Piccadilly Square and just a few steps from The  Piccadilly Grand Condo Piccadilly Tube Station. Other tube stations around are The Green Park and The Leicester Square.

The hotel is surrounded by shopping centre and fashion stores. The London Trocadero on Coventry Street, The Covent Market Garden on The Market, Covent Garden Piazza and The Plaza on Oxford Street are among these shopping centres. Also you can find The Lilywhites on Regent Street, The Mephisto Piccadilly Circus‎ on Denamn Street and The Mitsukoshi at Dorland House.

The area is a gold mine of nice hotels and bed and breakfasts. You can find The Kings college hall of residence‎ at Strand, The Piccadilly Guest House‎ on Germyn, The Haymarket Hotel at Suffolk Place, The Thistle Piccadilly‎ on Coventry St. and The Piccadilly Backpackers Hostle on Sherwood St.

Numerous fantastic museums are around to explore such as The Ripleys Believe it or Not Museum‎, The Spencer House on Saint James’s Place, The London Transport Museum on Welli

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