Prize Raffle Online: Your Guide to Winning Big!

Raffle baskets can be a fantastic option for charities looking to sell a large amount of raffle tickets and earn a quick revenue to finance their activities.

If you choose to sell baskets during the silent auction, or let them be raffled Chinese Auction with raffle baskets and tickets They will certainly provide the highest amount of cash per dollar.

In addition, if you collaborate directly with sponsors, donors and other providers can help you get raffle baskets for sale at a reasonable cost, allowing more of the money raised directly to your cause or your goals.

One of the biggest hurdles when organizing a fundraiser is determining what raffle items will stand out for guests and result in the revenue from raffle tickets. It is recommended to research your target audience and review the previous auctions, raffle items and auction sales for interest, as well as determining the items that they’ve been known to purchase.

We’ve come up with 20 ideas that are guaranteed to work in raffle baskets regardless of the amount of money you have that are sure to get attention and increase the chances of winning. This guide will help you get your imagination flowing!

Best Raffle Basket Ideas:

Here are a few most effective prize raffle online. Be sure to pair them with a solid auction strategy to increase your odds of successful auction.

Travel Package Basket

The travel baskets are a must-have element for any event that’s high-end. They’re also customizable to function as gift baskets. The only item you’ll need to put together an appealing travel hamper is:

Two tickets for travel.

Certificate of Accommodation

Tickets for the local attraction, to go on a sightseeing

Images and other items to provide your brand with an element of marketing!

They’re also great to promote events and the coverage of pre-events since they’re sure to draw a sufficient amount of viewers.

Ticket Basket

A raffle basket that’s big ticket is the basket of tickets. Although some fundraisers only provide tickets for one sport, it is enjoyable to raise the stakes and mix ticket donations from all your contributors.

This can be an excellent way of influencing bids, particularly if you consider the fact that there are a number of major competitions ( Superbowl as well as the US Open) sharing a bid number.

Membership Basket

The basket of membership is an excellent alternative for school events, or those geared towards people with youngsters. They’re usually simple to make because nonprofit organizations usually have a broad selection of membership options available to select from the prize raffle online.

Add the items listed below from your Membership into your basket to raffle:

Museums Local or regional


Bicycle share program

Meal service plans

Fitness classes, gyms as well as fitness and health programs

Classes in art or an art club

With a myriad of choices, this basket is ideal for those who don’t want to get bored with the prize raffle online they can win.


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