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It allows manufacturers and developers to display and talk about … CEO Not rated yet CEO CEO, short for chief executive officer, is an executive-level person in charge of managing a company. A call center … Calendar Not rated yet Calendar A calendar may refer to any of the following: A calendar is a visual representation of months and days for any given year. What … BYOD Not rated yet BYOD With the advancements in technology and the cost reduction of obtaining it, most people have mobile computing devices, like laptops, tablets, … Brown Box Not rated yet Brown Box A brown box is a hardware product that includes only the necessary products needed to install into a computer.

When used as … B2B Not rated yet B2B Short for business-to-business, B2B refers to the exchange of goods and services between businesses instead of between a business and a consumer. On the Internet, web analytics is the collection of network traffic and metadata, … Amazon Flex Not rated yet Amazon Flex Introduced in , Amazon Flex is a platform that allows items purchased from Amazon. For example, many technical support departments have … Affiliate Program Not rated yet Affiliate Program A company or website that directs customers to other businesses or websites, and receives compensation for the referral.

The compensation … Advertising Not rated yet Advertising Advertise may refer to any of the following: When referring to the Internet, the term advertise describes text or images placed on … Administrator Not rated yet Administrator An administrator may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as an admin, administrator, and gatekeeper, root is … Address Book Not rated yet Address Book Alternatively referred to as an phone book, a address book is an electronic storage of individuals’ names, phone numbers, extensions, … Acceptable Use Policy Not rated yet Acceptable Use Policy Short for acceptable use policy, AUP is an agreement made between the user and company on how a service can be used.

By utilizing … Click here to write your own. Its dimensions are x mm, or 8. Not rated yet PowerNow! The larger the mAH value, the more charge it’s capable of holding. For … Li-polymer Not rated yet Li-polymer Short for lithium-polymer, Li-polymer is a battery technology that is a lower cost version of the Li-ion that first started being used … Li-Ion Not rated yet Li-Ion Short for lithium-ion and sometimes abbreviated as Li-on, Li-ion is a fragile technology requiring a protector circuit.

It is used where very … Intelligent Battery Not rated yet Intelligent Battery Alternatively referred to as an intelligent battery, a smart battery is a portable computer battery that keeps a computer up-to-date … Coin Cell Battery Not rated yet Coin Cell Battery Alternatively referred to as a button cell or watch battery, a coin cell battery is a battery for retaining important system settings … Charger Not rated yet Charger A charger refers to any device that puts energy into a battery by sending an electric current through it.

Some common items that require chargers … Click here to write your own. Charge Not rated yet Charge Charge may refer to any of the following: To charge an electronic device is to add power to the device’s battery, allowing it to store the … Battery Slice Not rated yet Battery Slice Thin battery attached to the bottom of some laptop computers to increase the overall battery life, sometimes by up to hours.

A battery … Battery Backup Not rated yet Battery Backup Hardware device used to supply power to computers and peripherals for a short time if the power happens to be low or removed. A battery … Batteries Not rated yet Batteries A battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a power cord.

It is named after computer … Speech Synthesis Not rated yet Speech Synthesis A computerized replication of a human’s voice. Speech synthesis is commonly accomplished by either piecing together words that have … Siri Not rated yet Siri Siri is software for the HomePod, iPhone, and macOS from Apple that provides the user with a personal assistant that can perform various tasks … Singularity Not rated yet Singularity In math and science, a singularity is a point on an object that is undefined or infinite.

What is an … Quick, Draw! Not rated yet Quick, Draw! Quick, Draw! The user draws a picture and the AI tries to guess … Python Not rated yet Python Python may refer to any of the following: Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language that was first developed … Prolog Not rated yet Prolog Short for programming in logic or programation et logique French , prolog is a programming language developed by Alain Colmeraur and his colleagues … Neural Network Not rated yet Neural Network A neural network simulates intelligence based on how a human brain receives and processes information.

It is sometimes referred to … Natural Language Processing Not rated yet Natural Language Processing Sometimes abbreviated as NLP, natural language processing is a method used in artificial intelligence to process and derive … Microsoft Agent Not rated yet Microsoft Agent Microsoft Agent was a customizable, animated avatar for the web developed by Microsoft.

It used ActiveX to embed the interactive avatar … Machine Learning Not rated yet Machine Learning Machine learning, or ML, is a branch of AI focused on creating computer systems that accomplish tasks without explicit instructions.

These results are often based on pre-set rules … Learn Mode Not rated yet Learn Mode Learn mode allows a computer, hardware, or software program to learn or record the steps required to perform a particular task. It then takes that information and applies … Hopebot Not rated yet Hopebot A helper bot developed by Computer Hope derived from some of the work done on the Zer0 chatbot that assists and maintains order in the Computer … Google Assistant Not rated yet Google Assistant Google Assistant is a digital assistant service by Google that uses artificial intelligence to respond to voice requests.

It can … Fuzzy Logic Not rated yet Fuzzy Logic Reasoning used by a computer program where the answer does not need to be explicitly true or false. Data and information are extracted … Click here to write your own. Data Processing Not rated yet Data Processing Data processing is the process of gathering and manipulating data, and then summarizing it as something meaningful.

It may also refer … Data Mining Not rated yet Data Mining Data mining is a concept first realized when businesses began storing important information on computer databases and extracting useful … Data Center Not rated yet Data Center A data center, or DC for short, is a generic term to describe a facility used to store computers, servers, routers, switches, and other … Database Not rated yet Database Alternatively referred to as a databank or a datastore, and sometimes abbreviated as a DB, a database is a large quantity of indexed digital … Data Acquisition Not rated yet Data Acquisition Alternatively referred to as a data capture, data acquisition is the process of collecting and organizing information.

The method … Data Not rated yet Data In general, data is any set of characters that is gathered and translated for some purpose, usually analysis. It was designed to test a chatterbot’s ability to simulate … Chatbot Not rated yet Chatbot Alternatively referred to as a chatbot, a chatterbot is a software program or script designed to simulate a real person’s conversation. E and other bots that are based on A. A botmaster is responsible for keeping the bot online, making … Bixby Not rated yet Bixby Created in to compete with voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, Bixby is a digital assistant for Samsung smartphones … Automation Not rated yet Automation Automation is the use of technology to accomplish a task with as little human interaction as possible.

In computing, automation is usually … Alice Not rated yet Alice Alice may refer to any of the following: Alicebot or Alice is a natural language artificial intelligent robot programmed with AIML Artificial … Big Data Not rated yet Big Data Big data is a term that describes the process of handling and analyzing evolving data that is in the petabyte and exabyte range.

The feature … System 7 Not rated yet System 7 An Apple Macintosh operating system that contains virtual memory, multitasking, hotlinks, and TrueType fonts. System 7 was also the first … System Not rated yet System A system may refer to any of the following: When referring to a computer, system or system unit is used to distinguish the complete computer. When referring to an Apple Macintosh, … Puck Not rated yet Puck A puck may refer to any of the following: A puck is a computer input device that contains glass or magnified glass with a crosshair, allowing … Programmer’s Switch Not rated yet Programmer’s Switch A programmer’s switch is a button found on some models of Apple Macintosh computers that may allow an individual to access a command … Click here to write your own.

It enabled users to wirelessly sync e-mails, contacts, … Mission Control Not rated yet Mission Control A feature on the Apple macOS X that gives an overview of what is currently running on the computer. It was introduced as part of the iOS 12 update in Introduced in September , the rotationally symmetrical 8-pin Lightning … Launchpad Not rated yet Launchpad Launchpad is a feature found in Apple’s macOS operating system.

It is a launcher that displays all applications installed on your Mac. Mac is a group of online services from Apple computers. Mac … iPad Not rated yet iPad Officially announced on January 27, , the Apple iPad is a tablet-style computing device, as shown in the picture. The devices have similar … Click here to write your own. It features a basic interface with a timeline, … iMessage Not rated yet iMessage iMessage is an instant messaging service created by Apple.

It enables Apple Macintosh computer users to create and burn their … iCloud Not rated yet iCloud iCloud is a cloud service from Apple that allows photos, documents, and other media to be stored on Apple cloud servers. It may be … iBeacon Not rated yet iBeacon iBeacon is an indoor proximity system trademarked by Apple. It is a technology that enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications … Hybrid Not rated yet Hybrid Hybrid may refer to any of the following: In general, hybrid refers to anything that is made of two or more things.

It listens for voice commands when it hears … Home Button Not rated yet Home Button Home may refer to any of the following: On the Internet, home could refer to the main page of a site, more commonly known as the homepage.

It requires downloaded software to be digitally signed by … GarageBand Not rated yet GarageBand GarageBand is music production software created by Apple. It was initially released in as part of iLife.

With HTML aqua or cyan is represented … App Store Not rated yet App Store In general, an app store is an app that enables a user to find software, and install it on their computer or mobile device. It’s a collection … Applications Not rated yet Applications An application may refer to any of the following: Application and app are synonymous with the word “program” when talking about software … Apple Watch Not rated yet Apple Watch The Apple Watch is a wearable computing device made by Apple.

It was designed to allow users of the Apple operating system to make … Apple Pencil Not rated yet Apple Pencil Released in as an accessory for the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil is a wireless stylus that works on select Apple devices.

Using FaceTime, a … Click here to write your own. Since their inception, … App Not rated yet App App may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as a mobile app, an app is a program developed for smartphones or tablets … Animoji Not rated yet Animoji An Animoji is an animated emoji released with the iOS 11 version of the mobile Apple operating system. It provides the user with a standard … iPhone Not rated yet iPhone An iPhone may refer to any of the following: The iPhone is a smartphone created by Apple that was announced on January 9, It is used as a to create special characters and as a modifier for other command … Safari Not rated yet Safari Safari is an Internet browser that was first introduced on June 30, , and is included with Apple macOS X and the iPhone.

It is also available … Extension Not rated yet Extension An extension may refer to any of the following: In general, an extension is a part that is added to something that extends or enlarges … Terminal Not rated yet Terminal Terminal may refer to any of the following: On Apple computers and many Linux computers, the Terminal is an interface that allows you … QuickTime Not rated yet QuickTime Developed by Apple and initially released on December 2, , QuickTime is software that allows a computer user to play movie files.

It provides the user with a standard … Click here to write your own. What is Security Camera? What is Ware? What is Holy Grail Layout? What is … What is Tinder? Not rated yet What is Tinder? Released in , Tinder is a popular smartphone app for online dating. It allows users to create a profile with pictures and a biography … What is a Fab? Not rated yet What is a Fab? Fab may refer to any of the following: With integrated circuits and semiconductors, a fab is a term commonly used to describe a … What is Time Machine?

Not rated yet What is Time Machine? Not rated yet What is Adobe Bridge? It allows users to import a … What is Chroma key? Not rated yet What is Chroma key? Commonly applied in video compositing, a chroma key is a technique for creating a mask around an object automatically using a … What is Curved Monitor? Not rated yet What is Curved Monitor? A curved monitor, or curved display, is a computer monitor or television that has a curve to it, instead of being flat.

The … What is Adobe Lightroom? Not rated yet What is Adobe Lightroom? First developed in , Adobe Lightroom is a professional image editing software for macOS and Windows computers. Unlike … What are Smart Glasses? Not rated yet What are Smart Glasses? Smart glasses are a type of wearable device that utilizes AR augmented reality to add digital displays to glasses.

Most … What is an Organization? Not rated yet What is an Organization? Organization may refer to any of the following: An organization is collection of people who work together with a common … What is Escalate? Not rated yet What is Escalate? With computers, troubleshooting, and support, escalate, or an escalation, is a process of involving someone with more training, … What is Grid?

Not rated yet What is Grid? Grid may refer to any of the following: A grid is a structure of intersecting lines or bars. It is used as a guide to divide and … What is Viewport? Not rated yet What is Viewport? Viewport may refer to any of the following: In 3D graphics, the viewport is the area of the interface that allows the user to … What is Auto Rotate? Not rated yet What is Auto Rotate? Auto rotate is a feature on smartphones and tablets that matches the screen’s orientation with the device’s actual orientation.

Not rated yet What is Pen Tool? In graphic design software, the pen tool creates vector graphics using mathematical points and curves. Unlike the brush tool, which … What is Holy Grail Layout? Not rated yet What is Holy Grail Layout? The holy grail layout is a layout model commonly used in web design. It features a header area at the top of the page and … What is Ware?

Not rated yet What is Ware? In general, a ware or wares is a product s or tool s. With computers, “ware” is often a suffix that’s used in conjunction with another … What is Security Camera? Not rated yet What is Security Camera? A security camera is a hardware device that takes pictures or records video, either indoors or outdoors, for purposes of … What is a Dedicated? Not rated yet What is a Dedicated?

Dedicated is a term that describes a person or thing devoted to a single function, purpose, or service. What is PowerToys? What is an Exclamation Mark? What is WireGuard? What … What is IT infrastructure? Not rated yet What is IT infrastructure? IT infrastructure is the setup and installation of a facility’s hardware, software, and network required for a business … What is Loot box? Not rated yet What is Loot box? A loot box is a software feature used in computer games as a random reward system.

Similar to a slot machine in a casino, loot boxes … What is Microsoft Teams? Not rated yet What is Microsoft Teams? Developed in , Microsoft Teams is a program included in the Microsoft Office suite of business applications. It combines … What is MariaDB? Not rated yet What is MariaDB? Not rated yet What is tmux?

It enhances the functionality of a … Click here to write your own. What is Facebook Portal? Not rated yet What is Facebook Portal? Initially released in , Facebook Portal is a family of smart home devices sold by Facebook. Portal devices connect to … What is an Online Payment System? Not rated yet What is an Online Payment System? An online payment system is a company and service to assist in making a financial transaction to another person … What is GameMaker Studio?

Not rated yet What is GameMaker Studio? Not rated yet What is GnuCash? GnuCash is free, open-source accounting software that offers features similar to the commercial accounting software Quicken. GnuCash … What is Retail?

Not rated yet What is Retail? When used as a noun, retail describes the sale of a product by a business the retailer to a consumer. Not rated yet What is Reseller? A reseller is a person or company that sells a product or service they’ve bought from another person, company, or distributor. Not rated yet What is WireGuard? It creates an encrypted layer 3 network tunnel … What is an Exclamation Mark?

Not rated yet What is an Exclamation Mark? Alternatively referred to as a bang or exclamation point, an exclamation mark “! Not rated yet What is PowerToys? PowerToys is a free utility for Microsoft Windows that adds useful power user features to the operating system. It is developed … What is Self-Hosting? Not rated yet What is Self-Hosting? It is usually installed internally … Storage Device Not rated yet Storage Device Alternatively referred to as digital storage, storage, storage media, or storage medium, a storage device is any hardware capable of … Motherboard Not rated yet Motherboard Alternatively referred to as the mb, mainboard, mboard, mobo, mobd, backplane board, base board, main circuit board, planar board, system … Output Device Not rated yet Output Device An output device is any peripheral that receives data from a computer, usually for display, projection, or physical reproduction.

The company became a subsidiary of National Semiconductor … Cyren Not rated yet Cyren Founded in by Gideon Mantel and Nahum Sharfman, Cyren is an information security company, specializing in e-mail security.

They offer a … Click here to write your own. Cylinder Not rated yet Cylinder A cylinder is two corresponding tracks on a fixed disk. Cygwin … Cybersquatting Not rated yet Cybersquatting Cybersquatting is a term used to describe an individual or company who intentionally purchases a domain and holds it until they can … Cyberspace Not rated yet Cyberspace A term coined by author William Gibson in his novel Neuromancer, cyberspace describes a metaphysical space created by networked computers … Cybersex Not rated yet Cybersex Cybersex is a term used to describe the action of initiating in a virtual sexual experience with another person over chat.

What is … Cyber Security Not rated yet Cyber Security A system or set of steps that helps keep data from prying eyes by utilizing passwords, encryption, and hiding data. While security … Cycle Not rated yet Cycle A cycle may refer to any of the following: In general, a cycle refers to a single repeating occurrence of a particular event.

For example, … Cyberpunk Not rated yet Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that often describes post-apocalyptic or urban jungle environments populated by high-tech renegades. Privacy fears Computer … CyberPower Not rated yet CyberPower Founded in by Stanley Ho, CyberPowerPC is a manufacturer of desktop and laptop gaming computers as well as related peripherals and … Cybernetics Not rated yet Cybernetics Cybernetics is a branch of science that examines the workings of humans and machinery and looks at the similarities and differences between … Cyber Monday Not rated yet Cyber Monday First coined in November by Shop.

Contact information Phone: … Cyber Law Not rated yet Cyber Law Cyber law is the part of the overall legal system that deals with the Internet, cyberspace, and their respective legal issues. CyberDrive ceased operations at the end of Contact … Cyber Clean Not rated yet Cyber Clean Cyber Clean was a cleaning compound resembling green goo that came in a small cup or bag. It was used to clean electronics with keys or … Cyber Bullied Not rated yet Cyber Bullied Alternatively referred to as a cyberstalker, a cyberbully is someone who posts inappropriate or unwanted things about another person, … Cyberattack Not rated yet Cyberattack Cyberwar Alternatively referred to as cyberwarfare, cyberwar is a term used to describe a fictional future conflict that takes … Cyber Not rated yet Cyber Cyber may refer to any of the following: Cyber is a prefix often used to describe a person, idea, or object that is part of the online information … CYA Not rated yet CYA CYA may refer to any of the following: Shorthand for see ya, CYA is commonly used in chat rooms to let users know you are leaving the room.

Once placed … Click here to write your own. Custom Software Not rated yet Custom Software Software that is made for an individual or business that performs tasks specific to their needs is called custom software. People … Custom Animation Not rated yet Custom Animation Animation is the illusion of movement created by showing a series of still pictures in rapid succession. In the world of computers, … Curtiss Wright Not rated yet Curtiss Wright Founded in , the Curtiss-Wright company is a company in high-speed communication, custom hardware and software, complex electronics … Cursor keys Not rated yet Cursor keys Arrow keys Alternatively referred to as cursor keys, direction keys, and navigation keys, the arrow keys are usually located … Curser Not rated yet Curser A cursor may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as a caret or a cursor, a text cursor is a visual representation of … Curry Not rated yet Curry Curry is an experimental, multi-paradigm programming language introduced by Michael Hanus, Herbert Kuchen, and Juan Jose Moreno-Navarro in When referring to a location or reference point, … Currencies Not rated yet Currencies In general, currency is anything that holds value and can be exchanged for goods or services.

For example, money is the most common currency … Curmbox Not rated yet Curmbox Short for Current Mailbox, Curmbox was a hidden tag used to open or display e-mail on Microsoft’s Hotmail service. Note Hotmail … Curly Quotes Not rated yet Curly Quotes Often called book quotes, curly quotes are quotation marks that are curved rather than straight. Since they are curved, the left and … cURL Not rated yet cURL Curl may refer to any of the following: cURL is a free and open command line tool for transferring files on one of the following supported … Cube Not rated yet Cube Originally invented by Bob Propst in , a cubicle, also known as a cube, is the name of a small, but efficient workspace with a square or … CU Not rated yet CU CU may refer to any of the following: CU is an acronym for the control unit.

The company’s website went offline in Csplit Not rated yet Csplit Linux csplit command On Unix-like operating systems, the csplit command splits a file into sections, based on context lines.

The quartz crystal vibrates … Cryptology Not rated yet Cryptology Cryptology is the study of cryptography.

The act … Cryptographic Nonce Not rated yet Cryptographic Nonce A nonce is an arbitrary number intended for one-time use. It is often combined with a fine-grained timestamp to ensure that its … Cryptocurrencies Not rated yet Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrency is digital currency that uses cryptography to verify financial transactions and control the creation of new currency … Cryptanalysis Not rated yet Cryptanalysis Cryptanalysis is the process of analyzing secure information systems to discover their hidden components.

The goal of cryptanalysis … Crunchbase Not rated yet Crunchbase TechCrunch TechCrunch is an online publication that covers new technologies, Internet companies, and technology startups.

It used a customized Openbox configuration to achieve … Crunch Not rated yet Crunch Crunch may refer to any of the following: Crunch is a term used to describe the process of processing numbers or complex formulas rapidly.

It … Crucial Not rated yet Crucial Crucial, a division of Micron, is one of the leading providers of computer memory for various computer manufactures. Contact information … Crowdsourcing Not rated yet Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing occurs when a job intended for one person, or a small group, is opened up to the public via the Internet. Crowdsourcing … Crowdfunding Not rated yet Crowdfunding Crowdfunding is a method of obtaining funds for a project via the Internet.

Users can create campaign pages for a product, idea, or another … Crosstalk Not rated yet Crosstalk Crosstalk may refer to any of the following: Electromagnetic interference received by one or more wires. Crosstalk can cause errors, … Cross-Posting Not rated yet Cross-Posting Alternatively known as x-posting, cross-posting is the act of posting the exact same thing on multiple pages or sections of a website.

For example, a network that consists of IBM compatible computers … Cross-Platform Not rated yet Cross-Platform Cross-platform describes software that works on all computer platforms, or a specific subset of platforms, such as Windows 10 and macOS.

When purchasing this … Click here to write your own. Cross-linked files are created when the computer is improperly … CrossFire Not rated yet CrossFire An ATI technology that allows two video cards that support the CrossFire technology to share the workload increasing the overall performance.

For example, you may have a picture of several people, but may only … Cron Not rated yet Cron Cron is a daemon that runs on Linux and Unix environments that execute scheduled commands also known as cron jobs created by the crontab command. Cridex, is a malicious computer worm that spread to computers by copying itself to removable disks.

For example, after a computer game … Credit Card Fraud Not rated yet Credit Card Fraud Credit card fraud is the act of someone illegally using another person’s credit card to make purchases without their permission. It introduced several new features to Windows … Creatix Not rated yet Creatix Creatix Technology Pte Ltd is a Singapore based manufacturer in the field of intelligent Multimedia systems.

A CRC is … Click here to write your own. This page contains information how to create some of the more common files on a computer. To … Create Directory Not rated yet Create Directory How to create a directory or folder There are multiple ways to create a folder, subfolder, directory, and subdirectory … Creative Not rated yet Creative Creative Technology Founded July 1, , Creative Technology is a manufacturer of CD-ROM drives, headsets, modems, sound cards, … Crawler Not rated yet Crawler Spider A spider is a program or script written to browse the World Wide Web in a systematic manner for the purpose of indexing websites.

Once … Crashes to Desktop Not rated yet Crashes to Desktop Short for crash to desktop, CTD is a term referring to a program crash that results in closing all open windows and reverting to … Crash Dump Not rated yet Crash Dump Also called a crash dump or memory dump, a dump is raw data from a computer’s memory.

It is written to the file system if software crashes” … Crash Not rated yet Crash Alternatively referred to as a system crash, a crash is a term used to describe a software program or hardware problem that is encountered without … Crapware Not rated yet Crapware Alternatively referred to as bloatware and junkware, crapware is software that comes pre-installed with OEM computers and offers no advantage … Crapplet Not rated yet Crapplet Crapplet is a slur used to describe any applet often a Java applet that was either poorly created or implemented.

This slur … Crane Not rated yet Crane Founded in by Richard Teller Crane, the Crane company is a holding company with subsidiaries in the aerospace, electronics, engineered … Craigslist Not rated yet Craigslist Craigslist is a website that allows users to place classified ads and communicate with each other on message boards. It was started in … Cracker Not rated yet Cracker A cracker is an individual who can decipher codes and passwords being able to break security systems for illegal reasons.

Often this person … Crack Not rated yet Crack Sometimes pluralized as “crackz,” a crack is a computer program designed to bypass software protection. These tests can be used to help compare how … C Prompt Not rated yet C Prompt A prompt may refer to any of the following: A prompt is text or symbols used to represent the system’s readiness to perform the next command. See our cp command overview for further information.

When a file becomes corrupt, … Cornea Gumbo Not rated yet Cornea Gumbo Cornea gumbo is a term describing a web page that is too flashy and overstimulating to a visitor. A cornea gumbo web page contains many … Core Router Not rated yet Core Router A router is hardware device designed to receive, analyze and move incoming packets to another network.

Core i9 CPUs feature as few as six and as many as eighteen cores, with two threads … Click here to write your own. They feature either four or six cores, with stock frequencies … Core i5 Not rated yet Core i5 Developed and manufactured by Intel, the Core i5 is a computer processor, available as dual-core or quad-core. It can be used in both desktop … Core i3 Not rated yet Core i3 Developed and manufactured by Intel, the Core i3 is a dual-core computer processor, available for use in both desktop and laptop computers.

Instead, the mouse … Cordless Not rated yet Cordless Wireless Alternatively referred to as cordless, the term wireless describes technology that can transmit information or electricity … Copyright Not rated yet Copyright A Copyright is a protection for any published work that helps to prevent that work from being used without prior authorization. A Copyright … Copy Protection Not rated yet Copy Protection Copy protection is hardware or software that helps prevent users from illegally making copies of a software program without having … Copypasta Not rated yet Copypasta A copypasta is a series of characters copied and pasted by users online.

These can be intricate and ridiculous stories, entire movie scripts, … Copy-on-write Not rated yet Copy-on-write Copy-on-write or CoW is a technique to efficiently copy data resources in a computer system. If a unit of data is copied but not modified, … Copyleft Not rated yet Copyleft A Copyright that preserves rights rather than removing them.

Copyleft is a guiding principle of the GPL General Public License and the … Copy dir Not rated yet Copy dir How to copy a directory or folder Depending on your computer operating system, and where you want to execute the copy, there are … Copy con Not rated yet Copy con Copy con is an MS-DOS and Windows command line command that allows the creation of a file through the command line.

To use this command, … Coprocessor Not rated yet Coprocessor A special purpose processor that helps the CPU perform special operations such as math operations, encryption, and computer graphics. It is a machine that produces paper copies of text … Copied Not rated yet Copied Copy may refer to any of the following: First developed by Larry Tesler, copy and paste or copy is the act of duplicating text, data, files, … Coordinated Universal Time Not rated yet Coordinated Universal Time Universal Time is a time scale that is based on the Earth’s rotation.

There are several versions of this time scale i. Cooldowns are often used in video … Click here to write your own. Cool Not rated yet Cool Fan A fan is a hardware device that keeps the overall computer or a computer device cool by circulating air to or from the computer … Cookies. This portion of the memory is the only portion accessible … Control Unit Not rated yet Control Unit A control unit or CU is circuitry that directs operations within a computer’s processor.

It lets the computer’s logic unit, memory, as … Cookie Poisoning Not rated yet Cookie Poisoning Cookie poisoning is a process in which an unauthorized person changes the content in a user’s cookie file.

The intent of cookie poisoning … Cookbook Not rated yet Cookbook Instructions on how to perform a task or correct an issue. Setting the contrast on the … Contouring Not rated yet Contouring The term contouring defines the quality of an image’s surface that shows the texture of an image, such as a smooth or rough surface.

The cardinality … Continuous Loop Not rated yet Continuous Loop Alternatively referred to as an infinite loop or a continuous loop, an endless loop is a continuous repetition of a program segment.

When referring to power or electricity continuity refers to a completed circuit that conducts electricity. For example, a user may need to press an … Contiguous Data Structure Not rated yet Contiguous Data Structure Contiguous data structure is a method of storing data in contiguous, or adjoining, sectors of memory. When information is … Click here to write your own. Contiguous Not rated yet Contiguous Contiguous may refer to any of the following: In general, contiguous refers to an object that is adjacent to another object.

It appears when objects such as text, images, or other elements are selected … Contextual Advertising Not rated yet Contextual Advertising Advertising on the Internet that is determined by the content on the current web page or search history is referred to as contextual … Context Switch Not rated yet Context Switch A context switch occurs when a computer’s CPU switches from one process or thread to a different process or thread.

Context switching … Context Menu Not rated yet Context Menu Pop-up menu Alternatively referred to as a context menu and shortcut menu, a pop-up menu is a menu that is hidden and doesn’t … Content View Not rated yet Content View View buttons View buttons may refer to any of the following: In Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and … Content Migration Not rated yet Content Migration The process of moving structured data to a new system is referred to as content migration.

Most commonly, it refers to moving the … Contention Not rated yet Contention Contention may refer to any of the following: A contention is a conflict when two or more programs try to use the same resource or setting … Content Creator Not rated yet Content Creator Influencer An influencer is an individual who gains a large following on a social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, … Content Not rated yet Content Content is another term used to describe the text within an e-mail, web page, or another file.

Although this often refers to text, content … Container Not rated yet Container Docker Docker is “containerization” software. It can encapsulate an application, as well as the application’s system-level configuration … Contact List Not rated yet Contact List Alternatively known as a contact list or friends list, a buddy list is a list of family and friends in a software program e. For example, … Connection Time Not rated yet Connection Time The connection time is the amount of time that you spend while hooked up to the Internet, online service, or a major commercial provider.

For example, your monitor, mouse, and keyboard … Click here to write your own. Connected TV Not rated yet Connected TV A Smart TV, also known as a connected TV or a hybrid TV, is a television set or set-top box connected to a television set which has … Connectcom Not rated yet Connectcom Initio Established in , initio is a manufacturer of semiconductor solutions for data storage and retrieval relating to SCSI, … Congratulations Not rated yet Congratulations Shorthand for congratulations, grats, gratz, or gz is used in chat conversations and online games as a way of congratulating someone … Conglomerate Not rated yet Conglomerate Alternatively referred to as a multi-industry company, a conglomerate is several companies in different industries that are operating … Confluence Not rated yet Confluence Confluence is collaboration software created by Atlassian.

It was first released in Confluence provides a centralized “knowledge … Conflict Not rated yet Conflict Hardware conflict A resource conflict or hardware conflict is an error that occurs when a hardware device in the computer conflicts … Confirm Shaming Not rated yet Confirm Shaming Dark pattern A dark pattern is a term coined by Harry Brignull describing a user interface feature designed to trick users … Confirmation Not rated yet Confirmation A message or dialog box that verifies before executing.

For example, a user may receive a confirmation asking them if they are sure they … Config. This file controls components … Config Not rated yet Config Configuration When referring to a computer, configuration refers to how its components are arranged, and how its options are set. Condusiv Technologies is … Conductance Not rated yet Conductance Conductance is the ability of a material to pass electrons. Below are some common conductor materials. Conductor materials … Conditional Hyphen Not rated yet Conditional Hyphen Formatting Marks Special marks that are hidden by default that affect how text is displayed in a document.

For example, … Conditional Formatting Not rated yet Conditional Formatting Conditional formatting is a feature included in the popular spreadsheet creation programs Excel and Google Sheets. This feature … Conditional Not rated yet Conditional Alternatively referred to as a conditional expression and conditional processing, a conditional statement is a set of rules performed … Concurrent Versions System Not rated yet Concurrent Versions System First developed in , CVS short for Concurrent Version System is a software solution that helps software developers … Concurrent User Not rated yet Concurrent User The term concurrent user refers to more than one user utilizing a computer resource at the same time or in the same predefined period … Concurrent Computing Not rated yet Concurrent Computing In concurrent computing, multiple calculations are made within overlapping time frames.

It takes advantage of the concept that … Concept Mapping Not rated yet Concept Mapping In the computer world, concept mapping is visualizing how the various aspects of a computer both hardware and software interact … Concept Not rated yet Concept Macro virus A MAC or Macro virus is a computer virus that spreads to other computers through software programs that utilize macros. It’s an abbreviation of the word console.

By visiting these pages or subscribing to the … Computer Troubleshooting Not rated yet Computer Troubleshooting To troubleshoot is the process of solving a problem or determining a problem to an issue. Troubleshooting often involves … Computer Speaker Not rated yet Computer Speaker A speaker may refer to any of the following: A speaker is a term used to describe the user who is giving vocal commands to a software … Computer Security Not rated yet Computer Security Computer security is the protection of computers and data that the computers hold.

What … Computer Problem Not rated yet Computer Problem Sometimes referred to as an issue, a problem is any situation that occurs that is unexpected or prevents something from occurring. The computer name is used to help identify or locate a computer on a network. It allows access to admin tools, … Computer Literacy Not rated yet Computer Literacy Computer literacy describes a general knowledge of computers, software, hardware, and how they work.

Although this proficiency is … Computer Knowledge Not rated yet Computer Knowledge This document is for anyone interested in learning more about their computer and how it works. Here you’ll find all related documents … Computer Instructions Not rated yet Computer Instructions Computer instructions may refer to any of the following: When referring to the computer processor, instructions are a segment … Computer Image Not rated yet Computer Image Imaging may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as computer imaging and digital imaging, imaging is the process … Computer Hope Tools Not rated yet Computer Hope Tools Below is a listing of all the Computer Hope online tools we have available to the public.

The picture shows the Computer … Computer Fraud Not rated yet Computer Fraud Computer fraud is the use of computers, the Internet, Internet devices, and Internet services to defraud people or organizations of … Computer Forensics Not rated yet Computer Forensics Since the early to mids, legal cases involving computer crime, like hacking, have utilized the field of computer forensics … Computer Families Not rated yet Computer Families A computer family may refer to any of the following: A computer family is a category of computers with the same designs and microprocessors … Click here to write your own.

Computer Ethics Not rated yet Computer Ethics The advent of computers and the Internet has changed the way we communicate, learn, and do business. It has created new dynamics and … Computer Error Not rated yet Computer Error An error describes any issue that arises unexpectedly that cause a computer to not function properly.

Computers can encounter either … Computer Dictionary Not rated yet Computer Dictionary A dictionary is an alphabetical listing of words and their meanings. Dictionaries help users look up definitions to get a better … Computer Cookie Not rated yet Computer Cookie First introduced with Netscape 0. Alternatively referred to as a computer console, root console, system console, … Computer Architecture Not rated yet Computer Architecture When referring to computers, architecture or computer architecture is their overall design and layout.

Note As of … Compression Program Not rated yet Compression Program Compression utility A compression program or compression utility is a software program that can compress and decompress … Compressed File Not rated yet Compressed File A compressed file is any file that contains one or more files or directory that is smaller than their original file size. It enables the browser to enter a mode that … Compatibility Mode Not rated yet Compatibility Mode How to change the Windows compatibility mode In the Windows operating system, software can be run using compatibility … Compare Not rated yet Compare Compare may refer to any of the following: The process of examining the similarities or differences of data or files and then listing them.

In , Hewlett Packard announced it would be purchasing … Companion Virus Not rated yet Companion Virus A companion virus is a computer virus that stores itself in a file that is named similar to another program file that is commonly … Compact Not rated yet Compact Compress Alternatively referred to as compacting, compressing is the process of taking one or more files and combining them or making … Comp Not rated yet Comp Comp may refer to any of the following: Comp is an abbreviation and command for compare.

See the comp command page for further information … Comodo Not rated yet Comodo Founded in , Comodo is a developer of security-related software and services. For example, a user must purchase Microsoft Windows XP to use it. The complete … Comment Spam Not rated yet Comment Spam Spam may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as mass e-mail marketing, UCE unsolicited commercial e-mail and … Comment Not rated yet Comment A comment may refer to any of the following: A comment is any text in a program’s code, script, or another file that is not meant to be … Comm Central Not rated yet Comm Central About Comm Central Comm Central is a program that allows a user to send and receive faxes as well as have the capability of … Comma Separated Value Not rated yet Comma Separated Value Short for comma-separated values, CSV is tabular data that is saved as plaintext data separated by commas.

For example, … Command Switch Not rated yet Command Switch A switch may refer to any of the following: A switch is a piece of a physical circuitry component that governs the signal flow. For example, AT gets the attention of the modem and prepares … Click here to write your own. Command Shell Not rated yet Command Shell A shell is a software interface that’s often a command line interface that enables the user to interact with the computer.

Some examples … Command Line vs. For example, in Microsoft Windows, when clicking … Command Bar Not rated yet Command Bar The Internet Explorer browser includes a command bar that provides easy access to almost every setting and feature in the browser. The … Command Not rated yet Command A command may refer to any of the following: A command is a word or phrase that, when typed or spoken, causes the computer to perform a … Comma Delimited Not rated yet Comma Delimited A delimiter is one or more characters that separate text strings.

Common delimiters are commas , , semicolon ; , quotes “, ‘ , … Comma Not rated yet Comma A comma is a punctuation mark , found on the same keyboard key as the less than On English PC and Mac keyboards, the comma on the same … Comic Not rated yet Comic Webcomic A webcomic is a digital cartoon, comic strip, or illustration which has been created for online publishing.

For example, a user may combine two or more files together to make one file. What is … COM1 Not rated yet COM1 Alternatively referred to as the com port, the communications port is a serial communication used to connect devices such as your modem.

Column charts display vertical bars going across the chart horizontally, with the … Click here to write your own. Download Transactions: Download bank and credit card transactions directly into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Premier is a software that comes with the functionality to handle accounting, payroll, payments, inventory, and more. Basically, QuickBooks Premier is relatively for small business firms and organizations.

Automated Reports : Automated reports let you know that your reports are on time and accurate based on the data provided, automatically generated and emailed to you when you schedule them. Customer Snapshot: See all your key customer information at a glance with the Customer Snapshot. Memorized Transactions: You can set up Memorized Transactions for recurring billing, invoices, and estimates.

Professional invoices: it allows you to create professional-looking invoices and forms. Send invoices: Send invoices and estimates right from your business Yahoo!

Import Contacts: Import your contacts from Excel or other email address books. Quickbooks Pro Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Quickbooks Mac All of these links are for Quickbooks free trial. When asked to register, just close the window.

Otherwise, you may get locked out of Quickbooks software. If you are looking for Quickbooks online trial, you can visit this link. Download Quickbooks Desktop Pro Download Quickbooks Desktop Premier Download Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Download Quickbooks for Mac Download Quickbooks Accountant Quickbooks Enterprise. Quickbooks Pro, Premier, Accountant.

You can download any version of Quickbooks including Quickbooks using the steps given below:. I write about tech trends, new tools and software, and rapidly emerging technologies. Can you provide earlier Desktop version of Quickbooks with One time payment. I have been using that one time paid QB since Currently I am using version.

I have found it better than the Online version with annual subscription. My client Quickbooks point of sale V18 R15 just clashed and we need to install it again in the computer but unfortunately the download of QBPOS V18 R15 cannot be found again from the intuit website because it has been removed.

You will need to purchase the product to get a license number or a product key. But you can download the trial without the license key and use it until the trial expires. I do installation of Quick Book it asked the license key if you help me trough the email kindly.

First you need to download QuickBooks If the download file does not open automatically, go to the location where QuickBooks Desktop was saved when you downloaded should be on your desktop , and double-click the QuickBooks executable file ex. Click Next to begin the installation. Please write here what is the license number and product key of QuickBooks Pro Trial version??


Quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa


QuickBooks Desktop is a successful product suoth small or large businesses, self-employed people, etc. Also, you can find the resource links for this post at the bottom. But, when he was trying to restore the backup he was receiving an error message that states this file already ran with the new release of QuickBooks similar to that. As QuickBooks is an old product it was not easy to find the update patch online but somehow we managed to fix the problem and quickbioks to provide some resources to the needy ones who quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa easily download or install the old versions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro.

Quick Note: This post includes all the resources only for the U. Important: Also, if you need to locate the license or product number for QuickBooks, please visit Intuit secure locator they have got a permanent record of your past products. Also, if you found продолжение здесь of the above links broken or missing, please let us quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa in the below comment section.

We hope the above post helps you to set up the old QuickBooks version посетить страницу your computer but in case you need quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa help. Dial our Toll-Free or Leave us your message. That really helped. Could not update to the latest release quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa directly through my old QB version … this did the trick.

Now running smoothly under Windows Thank you so very much!!!! Your work is a labor of love. Loaded on win 7 machine and works like a champ. Stephan April 20, Reply. Joern June 22, Reply. Pete June 22, Reply. Http://replace.me/3929.txt July 27, Reply. All praise and glory to God!

Pete July 28, Reply. Thank You, Ronnie. Good to see that the above post worked out for you. Leave a Quickbbooks Cancel reply Comment. Enter your name or username to comment. Enter your email address to comment. Enter your website URL optional. We will call you back in the near future! Call me! Introduce yourself, and we’ll call you by name.


Quickbooks pro 2016 download south africa

Hello will,. I’m here to help. Here’s how to download QuickBooks: Go to the Downloads & Updates page. Click on the Change link to choose the. Choose as the version, then click Search. Click Download. Then, after downloading the software, install it. It will ask for the license and.

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