Responsibilities at Wedding Events

 Responsibilities at Wedding Events


Bride: Her side of the family is in charge of compiling the wedding list. She chooses her attendants (maid and/or matron of honor, bridesmaids), making sure that one of her sisters and a sister of the groom are included. She selects their dresses. Before the wedding, she gives some sort of party for them. She also gives each one a gift.

Brides’ parents: Traditionally, the wedding arrangements have been the province of the bride’s mother. No matter who pays for the wedding, she is its official hostess. The father of the bride  hosts the Gay Marriage  wedding. He escorts his daughter down the aisle.

Brides’ attendants: The maid and/or matron of honor help the bride dress and perform other services when asked. During the wedding the attendants may hold the bride’s bouquet, arrange her train, hand her the groom’s ring.

Groom: He chooses his attendants (best man and ushers) making sure to include a brother or his own and a brother of the bride. He takes charge of the bachelor dinner, though he may leave the arrangements to someone else. He gives each attendant a gift.

Groom’s Parents: The bridegroom’s parents invite the bride’s parents over. Then the bride’s parents reciprocate. The bridegroom gives the bachelor dinner, and the bridegroom’s family gives the rehearsal dinner.

Best Man: The best man may be the busiest individual of all at a wedding. He:

Supervises the activities of the ushers, including their apparel;

Makes sure the ushers’ presents are wrapped in time;

Sees to it that the men’s boutonnieres and bride’s bouquet have been ordered;

Helps arrange for transportation for all wedding events;

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