Sit N Go – Suited Connectors – When to Play Them

Sit N Go – Suited Connectors – When to Play Them

What are they?


Connectors are those pocket cards you get every once in a while that are close to one another in rank. For instance (8,9) or (10,J). Fit connectors are those that are of a similar suit. For instance (8s,9s) or (10h,Jh).


At the point when To Play Them


Since you won’t tumble your straight or flush frequently, you need to play these hands when the result appears to be enormous. In any case, don’t contribute such a large number of chips to see the failure. The idea here is assuming that you are in great position And there are no huge raises or re-brings up before you then you can contribute the little wagered to see UFABET lemon. Notice I said IN POSITION. Your fit connector hands are best played from late position. Right now you can call or limp in. Try not to attempt to follow a major raise or re-raised pot. Since the wagers are at the visually impaired and not a lot higher, you will most likely see a couple of players in the pot. A success here will bring a decent measured pot your direction.


Late Position Play


On the off chance that the table is tight, put in a 3x raise (three time the large visually impaired) allowing different players to expect you have that enormous pair. This play ought to reduce the field and you may simply bring down the pot since the tight play has shown, doubtlessly, feeble hands or drawing hand from different players. Utilize fit connectors from LATE position.


What’s The Odds?


Your chances of tumbling a straight or a flush are no more excellent than around 10%. The chances of floundering two sets are scarcely 3%. The chances of a couple are around 25%, so in the event that you have the huge fit connectors (A,K),(K,Q) or (Q,J) seeing the lemon merits a couple of additional chips. The most widely recognized flop, you don’t get anything to help your hand!


After The Flop


In the event that play is tight after the failure. Actually take a look at your chances. Assuming you have eight or nine outs your chances climb to near 30% to hit that straight of flush. Tune in up! The main way you know whether play is tight is on the off chance that you are in great position. Wager large just in great position and with great chances.


Playing fit connectors isn’t for the tight player.


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