Solar Powered Lighting – What’s the Big Deal About Using Solar Powered Lights?

 Solar Powered Lighting – What’s the Big Deal About Using Solar Powered Lights?


Without light, the world can quickly become a pretty dark place. Walk into the woods in the dead of the night without a flashlight, and you’ll know what I mean. Or,  advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights

how about when your power goes out during a fierce storm, and you are left to wait it out in the dark?

There are many different types of light sources and lighting. There is direct lighting and indirect lighting. There are light sources such as overhead lights, lamps, flashlights, and then the all important street lights. The focus of this article is on the different sources of direct lighting and even more importantly, direct solar powered lighting.

The two main lighting sources we will focus on will be indoor and outdoor solar powered lighting.

Indoor Solar Lighting

How difficult is it to have indoor solar  lights? Not difficult at all, actually! And the benefit of saving electricity, eradicating the need to continuously change your light bulbs combined with the minimum maintenance makes it a no brainer.

In order to have solar lighting you must first install a solar panel system that is placed to receive the most amount of sunlight possible. It is also important to find a solar power system that is appropriate for your building size. Obviously the needs of a 1,000 square foot home would differ considerably from one that is 5,000 square feet.

Some examples of where you can use indoor solar lighting include: your home, your garage, and even a gazebo should you be so fortunate. Solar powered lights in barns are becoming a hot trend since there is no need for wiring. You just simply set up and go!

Once your solar power lights are installed, they will be available both day and night. What is accumulated throughout the day is what will power you through the night.

Outdoor Solar Lighting



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