SOS Online Backup Review

 SOS Online Backup Review


SOS Online Backup has received numerous accolades as one of the world’s leading providers for online backup services. With 11 data centers scattered across the world, Coursan  SOS strives to meet the online backup needs of everyday consumers, mid-sized businesses, and IT service providers. There are several advantages to using SOS’s services: online access to stored files, extensive recovery of deleted files, affordable pricing, easy-to-use interface, file sharing, mobile access, and several additional amenities available to business consumers.

  1. Online Access

In addition to offering storage space for up to 5 computers, SOS gives users the ability to access their files from any computer in the world. SOS is a good way to backup your “backup drive”, especially if you’re hesitant to trust physical hard drives for backing up music libraries, photos, or documents. Online access is also a perk for frequent travelers.

  1. Recovery of Files

If you’ve accidentally erased a file, you can easily go back in time with SOS’s “Time Machine” and recover it. SOS saves every version of each file, and you can restore old files or previous versions by plugging in a date.

  1. Affordability

SOS is one of the top online backup services in the world, but still offers competitive pricing. The basic 50 GB package costs $9.95/month, or $79.95 per year. The 100 GB package is available for $99.95/year, or $149.95 for two years.

  1. Simple Interface

If the concept of online data storage is hard to grasp for technologically challenged family members, SOS’s interface is simple enough to illustrate how it works with little room for confusion. Backing up copies of cherished family photos is quick and easy, and sharing files with friends can be done with just two clicks of a mouse.



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