Stories of Poseidonia: Eventuaities [Part VII: Chapters 5 through 9]

 Stories of Poseidonia: Eventuaities [Part VII: Chapters 5 through 9]


Port of Poseidonia: Eventualities

[The Cosmic Lovers] Second Component [chapter 5 through 9]


Let us not all accept Atlantis and its wicked powers didn’t have its privileged insights, and dim abilities, for it unquestionably did. What’s  more this sketch will deliver, some of them- – in the profundities of Hell and its limits. (Part VIl)





The Hippokamp, Aon, (epicurean of adoration and female structure) showed up in the waters off the Great Rock, the mountain ridge that concealed Atlantis from the Earthly actual world, yet from the hidden world of the spirits; in this way, he showed up while the delightful Ais was washing in the waters off the enormous stone. No acquaintances required with be said; there the Hippokamp rose up out of the waters with another seahorse. He looked at her recollecting the acquired sentiment he had with her such countless years prior –


“Try not to leave,” she asked Aon, in a pleasant and modest way, and for the following not many hours she clarified what had occurred; then, at that point, as in the past, as so may years prior:


The lyre came sweat and clear,

Upon the wonderful notes of the Hippokamp

In obscurity distant waters of Hades:

Archkingdom, of all breath and land in Hell.


“Indeed,” said Aon, to Ais, attempting to comfort her in the wake of playing the lyre, “Indeed, passing can’t stow away in Hell, the Hordes of Hell realize who has a place with them, and it is inevitable. For that reason they didn’t take you. Perhaps destiny brought me back here to you, I had detected, anything destiny there is in the Great Gulf of Hell, and here we are.


She permitted Aon to come nearer to her, presently knowing the idea of a Hippokamp and in especially Aon- – for they are known to have intercourse for quite a long time really long time, yet they only here and there produce youngsters; and again I say, even among themselves only sometimes do they have posterity. Also with an alternate animal types as was Ais, or is, it has never ended up monitoring’s information. Be that as it may, she knew his tendency, yet permitted him to approach, for it was valid when she said:


“You have struck a chord on a few events and each time I was hot and barmy with passion…with the considerations of having you.”


She realized he needed her, and it was turning out to be obvious to her, that she needed him.


On another note, Aon realized he had lured her last time, this time, would be unique, it must be, she was excessively powerless, and he needed her any more time, and didn’t need a piece of her, yet entirely go big or go home. She was by all accounts in a fantasy out of nowhere, so Aon intruded on her, “Don’t become mixed up before,” he told the excellent, long haired sovereign, with her slim shoulders and pear molded base. She was more hypnotized, trapped in the adoration making of north of 10,000 years prior.



Law of the Cosmos

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