The Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher – Hot New Water Gun This Summer!

The Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher – Hot New Water Gun This Summer!

Banzai is likely best know for their lawn water slides, however they have as of late extended their toy isle line to incorporate water firearms. The Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher specifically is by all accounts acquiring a great deal of revenue so I figured I would try it out and test it out.


We love to have choices and the modern looking Banzai Aqua Tech Transmorpher gives you the choice to change barrels for various strategic circumstances. The Aqua Tech Transmorpher accompanies 5 unique parts, the Triple Stream Blaster (principal waterway weapon), shoulder stock/mount, focusing on scope, and a long reach barrel. As Banzai publicizes, these 5 sections can make transform into 11 distinct mixes, successfully giving you 11 unique weapons in one.


The Triple Stream blaster can be utilized all alone as a minimized water gun. Without the long reach barrel on it, the reach was around 15 ft. for the 3 450 bushmaster ammo  of water. The long reach barrel turns and snaps onto the spout, diverting the 3 streams into one and giving it more distance, up to around 25 ft. The scope of 25 ft. is really reliable with other water weapons of a similar size and limit.


You can add the shoulder stock by pushing it in and adjusting it properly and you can basically pull it back on a mission to take it off. This makes the change cycle pretty speedy when you want to turn out to be more versatile. The mount likewise snaps into the lower part of the long reach barrel so you can utilize it to assist with keeping the Transmorpher consistent on the off chance that you are laying in an inclined position and hanging tight for your ideal shot. The extension mounts onto a strategic rail on the top and amplifies some yet in short proximity it appears better to not utilize it. It sure looks pretty cool however and you can stack the long reach barrel onto the strategic rail on the highest point of the Transmorpher and afterward stack the extension on top of that for a mean looking gun!


Generally it’s a strong water firearm. With around a 100 ML limit, you could get splashed on the off chance that you going toward somebody with a high limit water firearm like the Water Warriors Gorgon, however we had the option to have around 40 chances off with the Transmorpher prior to expecting to reload. That is a lot of shots for a warmed trade. It likewise doesn’t appear to release much on the grounds that is has an elastic like fitting where you load it, and that is certainly an or more!

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