The Incredible Magic of Dead Space

 The Incredible Magic of Dead Space


Wow! Dead Space was one hell of a game! Much better than one would expect. Keeping you on your toes is a sure way to keep your adrenaline going and Dead Space has succeeded here where so few shooters have. What is amazing is that the creatures actually have a way of appearing in the game where you can’t be sure exactly where, how 410 bore ammo for sale  fast they will come or in what numbers. Each creature is very individual and often you’ll be wondering where your ammo went after a battle with just one.

Then again at times you’ll have to face 5 creatures of different makes and you’ll come out lucky and clear the board with just the Saw Weapon. Which shows you just how intuitive the game creators of Dead Space are. In Dead Space you play Issac Clarke (That’s an homage to Issac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke) you as Isaac and four other C.E.C. employees set out on the USG Kellion to rendezvous with the USG Ishimura which has released a distress beacon. Your girlfriend, Nicole, is also a crew member aboard the Ishimura, while your shuttle enters to dock with the Ishimura it crashes delivering you and your crew into a nightmare of horrific proportions. It seems that there is more going on at the USG Ishimura than simple Mechanical Details. You are soon separated from your crew and thus begins the game.

The crew of the USG Ishimura have become Necromorphs… strange vile and ugly creatures! From here on out you’ll be in charge of a long list of duties as the crew of the USG Kellion are slowly found to be alive and in different areas of the Ishimura. As Issac you are a crack Engineer and this is the just of the game solving these difficult areas of the ships infrastructure while battling these horrific creatures that the Ishimura crew has morphed into. It’s a high paced game and you won’t be left with much air to breathe. I found that one of the more important aspects of the game was the Power Modules that you will find throughout the game. These Modules allow you to update your weapons or your “RIG”, which is a fancy way of saying your suit. There are really very advanced screens of each weapon on how to do this so you must choose one or two options with the Power Modules. It took a long, long time to bring up the levels of the lowly Plasma Cutter, but there was a lot of ammo for it and best of all it was very inexpensive Ammo! I feel I did pretty well in this regard using my power modules on the Plasma Cutter weapon and the Rig only. That way by the end of the game I have all 5 Suit updates plus the max on the suit with the power modules as well as at least one weapon. It’s interesting that as you power up a weapon it gets to be more expensive, my simple cutter weapon ended up being worth 60 thousand dollars where it only cost about 3 thousand at first. And it packed a really good Wallop at the end! You’ll need that as the Necromorphs will be increasing as the game continues.

Also I would kindly suggest that you start saving the game at any number of places towards the end chapters of the game, around chapter nine would be good. You’ll often want to backtrack when things don’t go your way, I’m sure you know what I mean! I think that I spent about 20 saves or so when I was attempting to get through the Engine Room at the end of Chapter Nine… there is a mutated brute at the end and you’ll need a lot, I mean a lot of health to get through. The Problem is that you have to dodge some flames at the beginning of the engine room sequence. I must say that for clues to Dead Space I chose as I often do My Cheats which really is better than the rest. Unfortunately for me I noticed that after Chapter 8 my expert stopped the Cheat! Luckily a few good folk did attempt to carry on! I hope they get someone to finish up there. At any rate the game does go on to explain a bit about what happened to the USG Ishimura and its crew. An unusual religion of fanatics (The Church of Unitology – and here the makers of Dead Space are really rather tongue in cheek as they are clearly using Scientology in a very loose interpretation here!) apparently are the culprits whereby the Marker, a holy relic of the planet being mined on the planet Aegis VII is brought aboard the Ishimura by this Religion to bring back to earth and The Marker’s presence Immediately begins to morph the crew into these horrific beings, the Necromorphs!



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