Two Principal Features of Productive Thinkers

 Two Principal Features of Productive Thinkers



  1. Focus: Universally every average person thinks and reasons more than a hundred times every given twenty four hours. Productive person do not just think, but also reflects focus. He is not only interested in thinking up ideas but also remaining focus to see that such ideas are implicitly put to a productive course, in spite of obvious obstacles. Productive thinking is very necessary in the time of economic challenges and varying social distractions as the world is facing right now. It is focus that makes an individual engage in strategic ordering of his priorities in logical sequence in such a way that available scare resources are committed to productive outcome. It is focus that makes Olympic gold medalist to debunk unprofitable relationship, quit irrelevant leisure indulgence and concentrate on tuning his nerves through constant body exercises. It is focus that makes rich people to be selectively in choosing friends and business associates. Focus is getting to know what you want to achieve and remaining only on the path that takes you there.

However, several people and companies have literally jumped into oblivion for breaking off from their focus. Most companies steer off the track of rapid growth of capital for inconsistent in focus. Even, boxing champions knows that a slight shift in focus can cost them the ultimate prize of the championship. The American Dream suffers a major setback in the recent time as a resultant effect of broken focus. What makes American economy an Iron house is tight focus on creating the “blue ocean” to lead the rest of the world. Skills, natural environments, potentials and innate latent energy amounts to little or nothing on the absence of focus. You do not win the game of life by shooting the round leather facing any side. You need a good goal post with net. Then, you can score. What a goal post is to a footballer is what focus is to great achievers. The hallmark of every excellent delivery and catalyst in the school of productive thinking is an uncommon focus.

  1. Insight for opportunities: The word insight has varying pedigree of meaning and interpretation by both individuals and corporate entities respectively. The word insight has the following meaning among other “power of seeing advantages and understanding thing”, it also means imaginative, penetrative, practical knowledge and strategic view into anything etc. Predicate upon this definition, insight for opportunities means an altitude or ability of productive thinker to perceive gains, hope, advantages and opportunities in difficult or challenging situations. Industrial leaders in either products or services marketing or both usually have uncommon insight for opportunities in any economic weather. It is this singular factor that informs the quality of staffs to bank roll in their payment voucher. In a recession economic climate, most companies usually thrives profit wise by engaging staffs that are not just academically competent, but also, worker with competent technical skills in deciphering opportunities that give the company the needed competitive edge to dominate their market niche.

To this end, ability to envision opportunities in hash economic condition becomes a benchmark to engaging prospective recruits. Those who are academically balanced but have some technical incompetence may not get employed on the job. During recession, what keeps both individual and a company going is the attitude to sport uncommon insight for opportunities in virtually everything. To be productive thinkers develop your skill in seeing challenges, then, you are on your way to the top. The only way developing Nations can become better and solve their problems is when they resolve to develop the skill to see the numerous challenges as opportunities waiting to be harness.



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